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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Wishin'... #1

Every now and again we all have those moments when we're trawling through magazines or the internet and wish pay day would come that little bit quicker or perhaps bring along millions of pounds too. Today has been one of those days & I've spent this morning doing just that. These are some of the bits I've found by internet shopping & reading blog posts.

These baby's aren't the pair of shoes I'd usually go for but I'm feeling as though as we're going into Autumn/Winter it's always a good time to change up your style. I'd style these with my my light blue skinny jeans and my faux fur Jack Wills coats in the winter. They retail at £50.00 which isn't bad for River Island boots. They will be something i'll pick up with next months wages!

This is certainly something I've wanted for a long time and a luxury I eventually earn myself if I save. They are just so god damn expensive! 

This morning I was browsing the Mulberry website for a new purse when I came across Cara delevingnes' new collection and I've definately found my favourite. It has lion rivets!!! It's a gorgeous bag and you can style it in so many different ways and the strap can be changed in different ways, it's a neutral colour too and would go with quite alot of colours and outfits. However this isn't something i'll get this season unfortunately what with the hefty price tag of £1,600! :(

The packaging of this gorgeous contour and highlighter is absolutely luxury and I can only assume the product itself will be too with it retailing at £56.00 definately added to my christmas list! 

I've heard so much about this in the blogasphere and the fact it's called 'magic cream' intices me by itself. Anything that is magic sounds more than amazing! Charlotte claims it's her secret weapon she has been using for over 20 years! However as its £70.00 I'll have to have a longer think about it as it's a lot of money to spend on something I'm not even sure if I'll like.. Maybe if i could try before I buy.

Again, these are something I wouldn't usually wear but I think they are so perfect for Autumn/Winter. With these seasons clothes they are often seen to be dull and dark but the floral print livens it up a bit. These retail at £40.00.

Whats on your Wishlist at the moment? Anything here you're loving too?




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