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Monday, 29 September 2014

My Favourite MAC Lipsticks

I think it's fair to say everyone (well almost everyone) knows or has heard of MAC. If you don't they are a cosmetic brand that sell high end make-up at the low end scale so maybe low of the high-end? Is that possible..

Anyway I'm rambling, on to what we are here for. The lipsticks from MAC are my favourite thing about the brand. Did you know when you have an empty product, just take it back and you'll bag yourself a FREE lipstick! That's pretty awesome huh.

The faves...

Crosswires - This lipstick is one I wear a lot in the Spring/Summer months with a cremesheen finish it feels a mix between semi-matte & moisturising.
On Hold 

Your probably thinking that these lipsticks are all fairly similar, but see the thing is there not. They are all different shades even if slightly but they are all different finishes. Satin & Cremesheen. I'd say satin is a semi-matte which is as matte as i'll go with these dry lips (boohoo) and creme sheen is semi moisturising. 

They are great for Autumn as the pinkier shades aren't too summery they've got that fall tint to them. 

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Or even Mac product? I love hearing about other peoples loves of MAC.



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  1. Some lovely lipsticks! I love the shade "Twig" so pretty! Iv just done a September Favourites Post, would love you to have a look? x
    Emma | Everything Beauty


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