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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Pregnancy Update

So the last time I blogged was back in January and to be honest I don't know what happened from there, I think throughout my pregnancy there have been a lot of changes, obvious ones but also emotional changes of which I wasn't really expecting. I think I lost a bit of motivation for some things and blogging being one of them. The last few weeks I've been wanting to get back on here and I think there is no better time than the present!

Anyway, I'm back now and I'm officially on maternity leave and with only 1 week (hopefully) to go until I meet my little one. The last time I posted a pregnancy update was when I was 17 weeks so I have obviously had my 20 week scan since then and can reveal we are having a girl! So exciting. We have also chosen a name but are keeping that quiet until she is here.

I've been very lucky in my pregnancy in that I've not really had any problems apart from morning sickness at the start which I wrote about and the to be expected aches and pains. Now I'm at the 'full term point', i am getting pretty uncomfortable and am finding I can't really do things any more. Everything feels like a bit of a chore which I don't particularly like because I am the kind of person who likes to be doing things.

My feelings at the moment are very mixed I feel emotional, extremely excited, anxious and a bit scared. I am also getting very nervous about labour which is normal I know. I am sleeping ok, although finding it difficult to switch off at night because this is the time the baby likes to be most active most likely because I'm relaxed...always the way! 

My body has under gone a lot of changes and I think its amazing how it all works. I have well and truly got myself an outie now, which I find quite funny. I am feeling so lucky because I've managed to avoid stretch marks, bio-oil does wonders! I feel absolutely huge now and feel like no matter how I'm sat, stood ect I cannot relax.

I've had a couple of cravings during my pregnancy but particually recently it has been crushed ice, I cannot get enough of the stuff. It's also been sweets such as tangtastics.

So there we have it, my Pregnancy Update!
I'll be back with another post very soon


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