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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Darcy Arrives | My Labour & Birth Story

Hello there, sorry I've been absent for some time, it's because I had my gorgeous baby girl. 
Darcy Cherry Roberts arrived on the 22nd June 2015 at 19.34
She is absolutely perfect in every single way, and we are completely in love with her. 
As I currently have a small amount of time spare I decided to write my labour and birth story, this is a post I knew I wanted to write when I was pregnant as I really enjoyed reading these to know what to expect (well you never really know what to expect!) 
Darcy is currently sleeping on my stomach so I don't know whether I'll be able to finish this in one sitting but we'll give it a go.

My pregnancy was pretty straight forward I suffered from nasty morning sickness which lasted until I was around 24 weeks but everything was completely normal. I sailed right through it until 38 weeks when I went for my routine midwife appointment. She measured my tummy as per usual however I was measuring 36 weeks although my midwife wasn't really worried as Darcy's head had moved down in to the pelvis and she thought that would be why. I was also 1cm dilated with a soft cervix, she did still need to send me off to my local hospital for me to be measured properly, every thing was absolutely fine and I went home happy having seen my baby's ultra scan again. I returned for routine midwife appointment at 40 weeks and baby was still measuring 36 weeks which whilst I wasn't concerned as my last ultra scan everything returned back as fine I was still slightly anxious and worried having got this far and everything be fine it would be just my luck for something to go wrong. 
On Saturday 20th June 2015 I went for my growth scan at 09.20 to check everything was again ok, only this time Darcy's stomach had static growth and the age was 38 weeks. Everything other than that was fine. As her stomach hadn't grown for 2 weeks the sonographer had to send me off to a ward in the hospital ground which monitors ladies during they pregnancy regarding any problems. I went along not knowing what was about to happen next. I sat in the waiting room until the consultant came to speak to me. He told me that they would need to keep me in the hospital and induce me. I burst into tears, this was not how I wanted my baby to be delivered but I knew they needed to get her out quick. As the midwives on the ward needed to get a bed ready for me they allowed me to go home to collect my bag. When I got home I just dithered around as I was so petrified of what was going to happen, to be honest I didn't do much research on induction which was stupid on my part. I tried to stomach a sausage sandwich because I didn't know when I would next eat. Paul, my partner ran around frantic trying to make sure we had everything (I think he was really excited, bless him) whilst at the same time trying to reassure me that everything was going to be fine. An hour later off I went to the hospital. I called my mum as I really wanted her there and to be a part of it. 

The Induction Process

At around 12pm a midwife told me what would happen for what could be up to 48 hours, however I was ended up being in hospital for well over 72 hours. They attached me to a monitor for half an hour just to see what baby was doing, how regular her movements are, heartbeat.. that sort of thing. After 30 minutes they inserted a pessary (a bit like a tampon, only it goes behind baby's head to soften the cervix) in to my down below region, (I am going to talk like I have some kind of dignity, however after giving birth you lose some of that.) I was a bit scared about this, but it ended up being ok, the only way I'd describe it is I found the membrane sweep more uncomfortable than this, they again put me back on the monitor to make sure baby was ok with having her head poked, she was absolutely fine, which is funny because she seems to have such a content personality even now. After an hour put back on the monitor I was taken off and allowed to do what I wanted for six hours, I was free to go out and about in the hospital grounds. We all decided to get a coffee and a bite to eat. Six hours had passed and I was attached back to the monitor. Everything again was perfect. The following morning I was feeling fine considering the sleepless night i d had, Paul stayed in with me and slept on the chair next to me, bless him. I wasn't really in any discomfort or anything which was good but at the same time I was thinking well nothing seems to be happening so how much longer will this go on for. At 12pm Sunday 21st July which also happened to be fathers day here in the UK (I was hoping Darcy would come on this day, as a present to Paul) my pessary was taken out, I was attached back to the monitor to check baby was ok. I was 3cm dilated, which was something I was happy to hear. Everything on the monitor appeared fine again. As nothing had happened as such I had to have a propess tablet inserted again behind baby's head, this is where things began to progress, well I felt as though they were. I was told at 6pm if I was dilated enough to be taken down to labour ward and have my waters broken then I would be taken. However at 6pm when I was checked I was dilated enough although there was no room on labour ward for me so I was staying exactly where I was for the time being, that evening I was feeling a lot of pressure on my pelvis and feeling very very uncomfortable, it began to be very difficult for me to go to the toilet. I knew something was beginning then! I was hoping to be able to go down to labour ward that night but no could do, I was so tired, the ward was super noisy as well as them all being short staffed. At 19.30 I really needed to go toilet however as like I said, the midwives on this ward were short staffed and no one was available to take me off the monitor, I literally thought I was going to have to pee myself, I waited a whole 90 minutes before anyone came, I was pretty pissed off about this and also being very anxious about labour and giving birth this was not my favourite memory of the whole experience. Sunday 21st June following into Monday 22nd June was a really tough night, I didn't sleep a wink and was in A LOT of pain, I waited to be seen and monitored again and the same doctor/consultant that told me I'd be induced on the Saturday walked past my bed, he was stunned to see me on the ward still and was like you shouldn't still be here, we'll get you up to labour ward as soon as possible. That he did. Monday lunchtime a midwife came to get me and take me up to the ward, she was really lovely and I felt at ease straight away. She monitored me for a bit and then with what looked like a crochet hook popped my waters. That was a weird feeling. This began at around 13.30. From then on it was all go, by 14.30 I was getting more and more intense pains which felt very regular. Apparently this was established labour, I did try the gas & air but it made me feel very sick, and actually be sick... 3 times! I didn't have anything else, by 18.30 I was at the pushing stage, however I wasn't great at this, in fact I hated this part. It was the most painful part for me, and Darcy's heartbeat was dipping so they thought they needed to help me out, the doctor came in and said to me "If this baby isn't out by 19.15 then I will have to give you a hand" which meant I'm going to stick this pair of forceps up your vagina and pull her out. There was no way this was happening and it was the kick I needed. At this point a student midwife came in to help out and learn a bit, little did I know she'd be the girl that would deliver my baby. She was the nicest girl ever and will make a great midwife. More and more midwifes were coming in because well they had nothing to do. I was the only lady on the ward! My partner told me at one point there were 9 of them in the room, talk about over crowding! Anyway, back to the story. 19.15 was coming faster and faster and she still wasn't out. In the end he was about to go ahead and get her out, although the student midwife suggested an episiotomy this was nasty, but I'd have that any day rather than the vacuum and forceps. I pushed and pushed and pushed and at 19.32 Darcy's head was out, at 19.34 all of her was out. YAY! I was over the moon and nothing prepares you for that feeling, especially when she was put on me and her big eyes looked at me. I couldn't believe this miracle had come out of me. She was cleaned up and measured. A healthy 7lb 2oz. Beautiful. 

So there we have it my long birth story, i hope you enjoyed reading this and it has helped you prepare for what to expect in some way, and if you got reading this far then well done to you, this took longer to write than I thought, 
See you in my next post.

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