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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Darcy | 4 Month Update

Before I start the post I'd just like to say I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been so caught up in watching Darcy grow I've realised that the only posts I've been writing are her updates.

As I always say, I cannot believe we're in month four. Where has my tiny baby gone. She's a super wriggler now and just wants to be on the move. She's growing in to a cute little personality and I count my lucky stars each day.

This month a few things have changed so here are the details...

  • She was sleeping through the night up until now but I guess she is going through another growth spurt, she is waking at around 4am for a bottle, although I don't mind as I see it as our special time together. However I feel even more tired now as we had gotten past the newborn stage. 
  • I haven't yet had Darcy weighed but she is definitely putting on weight, she's a big girl now the little chunk :D my guess is she is 16lbs 
  • She is at this moment in time 17 weeks old so i decided to begin weaning her, we began trying a little bit of baby rice which she didn't like so I thought she wasn't ready because she completely refused it. I left it a few days and tried mashed banana and she LOVED it. Not sure what we'll try next but I'm excited for this milestone.
  • She is giving us tons of smiles now and even a couple of giggles have come along, she is the sweetest thing. *proud mum moment*
  • She has become the biggest dribbler this month and I think it's because she is beginning to get some teethy pains.
  • She hasn't yet rolled over but I can tell she really wants to, she gets very frustrated when she is put on her tummy 
  • She started doing this funny thing this month where when I change her nappy she lifts her legs up and bends them which I like to think she is doing to help me, hehe.
  • I feel like we're beginning to get into somewhat more of a routine, she takes 3 naps during the day and I begin to start getting her ready for bed at around 7.30 so she'll be asleep by around 8. I think with this she knows it's bedtime.
  • As for clothes and nappies she is still in size 3 nappies and think she will be for a little while longer, she is quickly growing out of 3-6 months size clothing, bottoms she is pretty month in 6-9 months & tops she will stay in 3-6 months a couple more weeks. 

So there we go, I think that is mostly what has happened this month, as for me not much has changed I think I've gotten in to the mum role now. I'm really enjoying it. Next month we're off to Holland for a few days to see some family. I think I will do a whole post based on that though.

Thanks for reading

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