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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

6 Things I'd Do Differently Should I Have Another Baby

When you have a baby particulary your first you often wonder whether you're doing the right thing. Well at least I hope I wasn't the only mum that felt like this. Pretty much any decision I made and still make now I analyse everything. It's terrible.

Anyway I felt like writing this post because in hindsight some of the things I have done I wish I had done either differently, not at all or just had done all together!

  1. I wish I hadn't kept looking forward to the next milestone. I wonder if this is something I really would do differenlt next time though, because even now Darcy is crawling I just cannot wait for her to toddle around and I know I don't want her to grow up too fast. I always look forward to the next thing. I really wish I didn't because as much as  I enjoy her in the moment and I always say "stop getting so big" I really do contradict myself.
  2. Sleep when baby sleeps! Forget housework. This would obviously be impossible to do with another baby around but I really should of done this first time around. Whenever Darcy was asleep I thought it would be my only time to get anything done. There will always be time.7
  3. Don't take so many photos! Now this is a strange one, I took and still taken a crazy amount of pictures and I real should live in real time.
  4. Try a little harder to breastfeed. Don't get me wrong here, I really tried last time but looking back could of probably tried harder, I was just in so much pain. I also felt It led to feelings of down and sad, which could of potentially led me down a dark route.
  5. Get him/her to self settle earlier. Darcy woke up a lot in the night for a while and I realised in the end she wasn't even hungry she just needed to learn to fall asleep on her own. When I realised this I began the process of controlled crying and within 3 nights she had done and was sleeping 12 hours straight.
  6. Talk to her more. I did do this but at the same time I wish I had done so more. I guess I thought she might not of been able to understand me? Now we have right little chats. Love it.
I just wanted to write this post to look back on; perhaps when I have another one, check i'm doing my targets ;) Was there anything you would do differently next time? I'm sure there are loads I've left off the list!

my gorgeous girl at around 3 months. I miss her being this little!!!!

Thanks for reading.

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