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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Darcy | Twelve Month Update

I have a one year old!! Really?!! I don't understand where that last year has gone..I expect this will be it now until she is eighteen months old as my main goal was to document her first year. However I am sure you will still hear how she is getting on in other posts. A couple of new things I think this month.

  • She is walking a lot more now, still with support or with her walker but she is definitely gaining confidence.
  • She weighs around 22lbs and is still in size 4 nappies. She is still in some 9-12 month clothing and also 12-18 months.
  • She still has around 2 naps a day, first one will be around 2 hours and the afternoon one will be 1 hour.
  • She still sleeps through the night 7pm - 6am.
  • In terms of eating she is doing so well and we have given up on jars and she is having what we have. She has only her bedtime bottle now and maybe sometimes one in the afternoon.
  • She loves her food and will eat anything although she does have her favourites!
  • She loves the washing machine and cbeebies.
I think that is roughly it, i cannot believe that she is one! I have a special post coming up telling you all about her first birthday which is why I haven't mentioned much in this post. 

Thanks for reading.


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