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Saturday, 13 August 2016

A Day Out To Stourhead Lakes

As you know if you read one of my previous posts.. Myself and my partner Paul recently became national trust members.. Yes we are still in our twenties! Ha.
It's opened us up to lots of days out, walking and learning for Darcy.. besides there is no better place to learn than the great big outdoors hey!
Paul had been wanting to come here for a while as he knew he'd get some great shots, and he definitely did! When we got here it was almost lunchtime so we decided to beat the queues and get lunch straight away so we could get a table, it was delicious if very very very expensive! We'll take a picnic next time I expect!
We followed a few signs to the gardens and ended up walking to the beautiful lakes, it was beautiful weather and the sun definitely did it justice. 
Darcy had a great time, she likes looking up at all the trees and I got her out of her pram a couple of times to encourage her to walk.. with a little help from me. She ended up chasing the ducks.
We've only been to a couple of national trust places so far.. but this was definitely my favourite.
Enjoy the photos..
*These were taken by my partner Paul


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