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Thursday, 3 November 2016

12 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas | Toddler Edition

We're finally getting closer to Christmas, YAYYY! My favourite time of the year..
I thought to begin my more christmassy posts, I'd kick off with a gift guide. My little girl will be 18 months when Christmas arrives so I thought that I would do a Baby/Toddler edition.
Just a few bits 'n' bobs for a stocking.

If your little ones like Peppa Pig like my one certainly does then this would be a great idea to pop in the stocking. I've got this for Darcy and part of me wants to give it to her at the beginning of December so we make plenty of use out of it over the period.

This is good for the older toddler.. I'd like to get this for Darcy, I feel like she could be the right age to have fun with this.

This is a great babies stocking filler, babies just like old school simple balls to play with and these ones are sensory which is great! I got these for Darcy last year.. so simple and she loved them.

This again is a great puzzle for the older toddler and educational too which is a bonus!

This for me has to be in everyones stocking! Traditional chocolate coins are a winner, i'm going to pop some white chocolate ones in Darcys.

I bought these for Darcy a couple of months ago but thought they'd be a great stocking filler. She's used them a couple of times now and they are great that they wipe off so easily. Whilst I had to throw ours away as they were sat on the side of the bath and went a bit funny, if they're stored correctly they're fine.

This is a cute one that I thought I would include. Just a simple colouring book, gonna pop this in Darcy's.

This is a great sensory toy which I can imagine all babies/toddlers would love. Plus they're spikey too which is great for touchy-feely play.

As I said at the beginning babas love Peppa and they also love noise! So two things in one here! 

This one is on the pricey side and possibly shouldn't be on the stocking filler guide. This is a really special gift as you can get babies name on it. I feel Darcy is a little old for this, but wish I had bought it when she was younger.

This isn't exactly the same as on the picture because I couldn't find this one in the end but similar. Gingerbread house kit, and a lovely idea to do together perhaps something that could be given on Christmas eve to do.

A really easy stocking filler that they are bound to love. Cheap and cheerful and lots of fun. Got these for Darcy's stocking already.

So there we have it, what will you be putting in your little ones stockings? I'd love to get some more ideas.
Thanks for reading 


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