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Monday, 2 January 2017

Our Christmas Trip To London

I'm probably writing this up and posting it a little late now but I wanted to still get it up. Every year now we have made a family tradition to make sure we go on a trip somewhere sort of near Christmas. It doesn't have to be expensive.. just a night or two away.
Last years trip we went to Holland in November and a day trip to the Bath Christmas Markets in December.. So this year we decided to go to  London for the weekend. It was lovely, we only went the weekend before Christmas so as you can expect it was very busy indeed!
We took the train up on Saturday morning, and arrived at Paddington station at 10.30am, we have this thing now where usually by the time we get off of the train Darcy is ready for a nap so, we get on the tube to High Street Kensington and sit in Nero's for around an hour so she can sleep undisturbed, it's just always the place we seem to go. After this we had a little mooch around the area looking in a few of the shops.. Paul wanted to take a few pictures and we wanted to get over to Harrods.. we decided to walk there as we'd be able to kill two birds with one stone. Paul got some great shots which I'll post a few for you to look at, take a look at his page here as his photography is brilliant. Once we were at Harrods, we realised how overwhelmingly busy it was!! I literally couldn't believe it. I mean I was expecting it to be busy but just not on this scale. I got to choose a couple of my Christmas presents from here meaning 'heeeelllloooo Charlotte Tilbury'. I think I am going to write up a separate post about what I got for Christmas so you can see what I got from this amazing make-up brand then. I wanted to go up to the toy and Christmas department but we literally just gave up because the amounts of people! Anyway by this point it was time for a bite to eat and almost time to check in the hotel. The hotel we stayed at was in Edgware Road so pretty central and close to everywhere we wanted to be, it was called the London Kings Hotel it was basic and had all the amenities you need eg. tea and coffee making facilities, fridge ect. The service from the staff was amazing and nothing was too much trouble. I was really impressed and would definitely stay again.

The main reason for our trip was to be able to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park so as it hit dusk we got ready to leave the hotel and walk to Hyde Park, it was only about 15 minutes away so absolutely perfect! But again, once we got here we were shocked at how busy it was, we came about 3 years ago obviously without a baby and it was no where near as busy. We sound so naive but the scale of the number of people that were there was crazy! It was so busy that I didn't even get my mulled wine *sad face*. We did go on the Observation Wheel though which was fun, this was only because we had pre-booked tickets. I was really nervous as heights aren't my favourite thing in the world so I was clung on to Darcy who kept trying to push me off. We left pretty soon after this as the crowds just were enjoyable, and walked back to the hotel. It was time to get a good nights rest ready for another day. Sunday morning arrived and we knew we wanted to do something Christmassy - we went there to get in the spirit and weren't leaving until we had! he he. I did a little bit of Google research and decided to take a trip down to South bank as I had seen there was a Christmas market on down there. It was soooo much quieter and much more family friendly and hey I got my mulled wine!! yayyy. I also had some Dutch pancakes which me and Darcy shared and she thoroughly enjoyed. We took a trip on the carousel which was fun, and we went for another little walk, Paul took his own little walk also to get a few shots. The morning ran away with us and unfortunately it was time to get back on to the tube and go back to Paddington so we could go home. It was a great little weekend away together and we really enjoyed ourselves, it's hard work with a little one, but every time we do things like this it does get that little bit easier. I'll include some pictures underneath.

Do you any of you go away close to Christmas? Anywhere you'd reccomend?
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