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Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Expectation To Have A Second Child

When I had Darcy it never even occurred to me or even a thought in my mind when I'd be having the next child. I just wanted to soak up being her mum and thought of nothing else. As the months grew on more and more people were saying to me 'when's the next one?' I still had never even thought of it. Even now, I'm not thinking of having another baby. I'm sure a time will come in the future where perhaps I'll want another one but right now one is just enough. There are many factors that come in to place when deciding to have another baby but I don't think you can let things stand in the way when you do want to have a baby.

1.Financially.. having another baby can be quite a big cost. For example currently we live in a two bedroom house and I know kids can share rooms but I'm a bit of a control freak and I think I'd like them to have there separate places which would mean we would need to find a three bedroomed house. Thats just my personal opinion. Another thing is once I go back to work I'd have to put them both in childcare and that's another biggggg cost as well as new gear. Luckily, I've saved a lot of Darcy's newborn bits for when that time comes.

2. This is a bit selfish but I do need to consider myself in all of this. I am 22 years old and still not too sure what I want to do with my life (career wise). I feel like perhaps at some point I'd quite like to go back to education but to do what, I still don't know, having another child now would push that back a bit. I have a few anxiety and confidence issues also and something that would need to be managed. Having another baby probably wouldn't make that any better.

3. Current family dynamic is another one, a lot of people say you need to have another to keep the first child company but I really don't believe this is the case. Yes, it is nice however Darcy is such a sociable little girl (nothing like me, so i don't think she is lonely by any means.)

It is just generally expected that once you've had one, when will be the next one.. but what if you only wanted one? It's just not very common. 

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  1. Ava is 5 next month and our second baby is due in 3 weeks. Personally it's been the perfect age gap for me, we got married when Ava was 2, bought a house the year after and once Ava was going to be starting full time education it seemed like the perfect time to have another. x

    1. that to me sounds like the perfect gap and you'll get the opportunity to spend some one on one time with the new baby. x

  2. I think you just have to do what is right for you! We have our first baby on the way (in 3 weeks) and have talked a lot about/planned a second already, but then our circumstances are different, I'm in my 30's and my partner is 40 this year so we feel we want to do it soon. Just do what is right for you all, there is never any pressure to do something just because it's expected!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. Yeah definitely different for every circumstance. x

  3. We've only just started thinking of number 2 now Lily is approaching 3yrs old and have been asked that question of when's the next one sooo many times. But it's none of their business and you just do what feels right and works for you as a family :) x

    1. Yeah it's annoying when it's none of anyones business apart from yours! It's silly isn't it, don't know why its so presumed x


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