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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Gender Stereotyping

Ever since Darcy was able to interact with toys I have always encouraged her to play with all sorts of different toys from baby dolls to train sets. She even owns a train set herself, she also enjoys playing with toy cars as much as she does dolls and it may seem sometimes she would rather play with what is stereotyped to be a 'boys toy' more so than a 'girls toy'. I've always tried to stay away from 'the dress her from head to toe in pink' even when she was born which I think she has been called a boy more times than she has been called a girl but thats a whole other topic right there! Although I do always remember a time that I did dress her in a tutu which in hindsight probably looked ridiculous on 3 month old baby and she still got called a boy by an elderly lady! Besides anyway Darcy really suits yellow we have now discovered.

Even if I ever have a boy I would never discourage him from playing with dollies because one day that could potentially play a big part in him becoming such an amazing daddy and I'd love to think it was down to that! Darcy loves to to climb, explore and get mucky so who am I to tell her to stop, it's wonderful that she is so eager to learn.

I think that there needs to be more encouragement in the world for this. You see adverts on television with boys playing with cars and lego and girls playing with dollies. Why can't girls play with cars and lego too.

Recently Darcy has discovered a love and passion for all things pirate, I saw a dressing up costume in Asda the other day and she absolutely loves it. Now, traditionally Pirates are a boys thing too but I really hope one day they won't be.

I suppose you're wondering where I am actually going with this post and I think that I am too.. I think I just wanted to say why am I still seeing things advertised as boy/girl toys as we are in the 21st century.

What are your opinions on this? I'd love to hear your thoughts?
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