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Thursday, 29 June 2017

4 Reasons Why It's Great To Date In Somerset

Somerset is a pretty quiet place and probably not somewhere you'd consider 'a good to date' kinda place, but I just wanted to talk through 4 reasons why I think Somerset is fabuuulous place to date. 

It's quiet around here:
It's not the busiest place, it doesn't have an incredibly busy city as I wouldn't say Bristol really was a busy city compared to say..London ect. However it would be somewhere I'd go if I wanted a bit of liveliness, but you really could enjoy a quiet date whether it's the theatre, a cute restaurant ect. Whilst I know the quiet life isn't for everyone, it's certainly for me!

There is a lot of variety of different dates you can have around here:
There is so much variety! Just look at my post here about 7 Dating Ideas In Somerset, honestly there is just about something for everyone whether that be the zoo, walks along the Quantocks, Mendips (something I really enjoy) would be even better if you had a dog to walk especially as a ice breaker.

There is plenty opportunites to meet someone:
The amount of times I have seen adertisements in local pubs for speed dating is crazy. I don't think I've seen so much anywhere else and I think that this is such a lighthearted and fun way to meet someone. I think just looking in the local paper you're bound to find something or even looking on your local facebook group. There is pretty much something for everytone

Online dating:
Now days I know that alot of dating is done online, whether that be facebook, Tinder, Twitter ect but I also think that another great way to meet people online is your local dating groups, a few of which I will list below:
I think that it can actually be a bit more genuine as well. If somebody has gone to the effort of finding there local dating groups then chances are they're certainly going to be genuine where as facebook and tinder unfortunately some people can be very much 'catfish'. Obviously I'd advise anyone to be careful and put measures in place to protect your safety and always meet in a public place.
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't already I hope you find your someone special soon.
Where do you love to date?
Thanks for reading 

*This post is a collaboration, however all thoughts are my own*

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