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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How I Stay Motivated

So like a lot of people in this country and I am not speaking for everyone a lot of us aren't in the job they want to be in forever. I am certainly one of those people and I don't want to work where I do for rest of my life, that's no secret though. 
When I had Darcy I was in a position where I had to go back to work, again like a lot of people. I was however, lucky that I only had to go 16 hours a week so I could spend the majority of my time with her. I'd love to have a job that I really enjoyed especially now that Darcy is 2, it is a case though that my hours fit so well around her childcare arrangements that unfortunately I have to stay put for the time being, at least until she goes to school, which is why I'd love a job where I could be flexible. I would love to write and blog from home as it really is where my passion lies but that seems like a far away dream right now, I do tell myself that if I work hard enough it could happen.
I have found though that I have days where I really can't be bothered with blogging and all the admin that goes with it and sometimes think I should pack it all in as it just isn't going anywhere. I thought I'd put together some tips that I think about where I need a bit of motivation:

  • Take a couple of days off. It's okay to take a little break to refresh your mind and get some new ideas. We all need a day off everynow and again to realised that we really enjoy what we do! Else we'd end up resenting it. Even if it is just a couple of hours, go for a walk, this can really inspire me.
  • Refresh your work space. A bit like above, but think about where you work best from and just refresh that area, add a couple of inspirational quotes to the wall if that floats your boat. Just do anything that excites you to get working again.
  • Drink plenty of water and fuel yourself healthily. This is something only recently I've focused on and really noticed the difference, making sure I am drinking plenty of water and eating lunch ect has made me much less tired and groggy.
  • Get organised. This is actually something I really enjoy doing. Get your dary and your notepad out. (Even treat yourself to new stationary if it helps!) Just get organised and jot down any ideas. This is my biggest motivation right here. 
  • Remember why you're doing what you're doing. What are your goals? Is this really your passion? This here, can remind you the success you're actually gaining and motivate and inspire

I hope these tips will help you. 
What motivates you?
Thanks for reading


  1. Some fab tips! Staying hydrated benefits us in so many ways xo

  2. These are such great tips!I think taking a break is so important, a little step back can really help you re-prioritise and know where you want to go next.

  3. awesome tips, I always tell people to take time out, then you can jump back into it with a fresh head

  4. Great tips! I love the 'refresh your work space' this is something I always do when I'm having a bit of a blip. I find a fresh, tidy area so much more motivating.

  5. I'm trying to get back into employment at the moment and it's so hard! I'm spending so much time trying to find the ideal job that it's left me feeling pretty rubbish!

  6. Staying motivated is so hard isn't it. I always find getting organised can definitely help. Means you get things done fast and waste less precious time.

  7. Being organised is a massive one for me! I lose all motivation if I don't have a plan ox


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