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Thursday, 2 November 2017

How To Be Sick When You're A Mum

When you're a mum you can't call in sick unfortunately, life still has to go on. However I do still think that you still need to give yourself a break and take it easier. I just wish I could actually tell myself that when I am ill because I feel really guilty about it all. It got me thinking about things you could do to help yourself and distract your little ones so that you do feel okay about putting your feet up with a cuppa for a well earned rest.

All the rules go out the window with me and I seem to just let Darcy do what she wants, get all her toys out, eat all the chocolate. She would probably enjoy me being ill more often to be honest, ha.
I decided to ask some fellow bloggers what they do to keep little ones entertained when they're ill.

Sticker books and drawing always go down well here! Plus lazy movie days - all screen time cares go out of the window!  - Alex

I have a chronic Illness. So we’ve learnt to adapt our routine. Some days garden picnic, some days duvet day. You can’t pour from any empty cup. So go easy on yourself when you’re poorly - Jade

'Can you find me something' - soft/green/round etc - they are running about excitedly, you get to stay on the sofa, everyone wins! - Siobhan

Doctors and nurses!! I play the patient on the sofa and they look after me by getting glasses of water and reading me stories! - Louise

I have a two year old and most of the time he is the one who is sick. He really doesn’t “get it” when Mum doesn’t want to walk to the kitchen and open and close cupboard doors “just for fun”. Against all my initial statements that he would never use the iPad it has been a life saver on more than one occasion. As long as His favourite Cbeebies shows are on the Kids iPlayer he is happy. We also like building blocks. For some reason he likes playing with his old baby toys though. That keeps him enchanted for a while as he is quite happy with his rediscovery and they are all quite sensory focused so he is fully engaged - Helen

I have a toddler so when I’m not well, I have a bath and my toddler will play in the bath for ages. Gives me a break. - Annastasia

When I'm ill I ask my own mum to help out and take him as much as possible. Luckily she only lives 10 mins away so that is possible for me. At home I would definitely use a TV or tablet and loosen my screen time rules if I'm struggling with being poorly. - Christy

I sellotape loads of pieces of paper to the floor and we have a drawing day. They go collect things from around the house, draw round them, draw round each other etc and I just sit and watch!  - Jade

 Being ill is the only time mixing playdough and sticking stickers in the wrong place is acceptable! - Fern

We are experts at the duvet day. We build a fort when either of us are sick, bring in our blankets and duvets and spend the day watching tv, eating and hanging out with our favourite Disney classics, the sickest gets to pick - Charlotte

Play Google maps! Give them your phone with your house on Google maps & give them local landmarks to find on street view - it keeps them entertained for hours plus it's educational too as they're learning directions! - Natalie

I get my two to put on shows for me so I can just lie down and watch! Or open the back door and let them loose in the garden! - Jenny

I loved all of these and it also made me realise that you can have a sick day and it's okay because they can still be happy and entertained as though nothing is out of the ordinary.
What do you with your litlle ones when you're ill?

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  1. It's so hard to be Mum and feel ill - I try hard to rest up but it's never easy. Su x


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