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Monday, 1 January 2018

Help My Toddler Won't Stop Whinging! 5 Approaches To Whinging

We recently took Darcys dummy away, on Christmas Eve to be exact (we popped it on Father Christmas' plate and he took it to give the babies that needed a dummy) and I don't think I quite anticipated how hard it would be. I just didn't realise how much I used it as a plug which sounds awful but I really did!

She is getting better and 8 days later she is getting used to life without her dummy but wow the kid whines A LOT. Tantrums and the terrible twos are now in full swing without a doubt.

I needed to do some research on how to handle whining and everything that goes with it, because I mean, there is so many approaches. I thought I had found my way as a mum but taking the dummy away took me in to a whole other ball game!

I've made various different Google searches, I've tried a few approaches towards Darcy so far, ignoring her seems most affective, I tried telling her off and I've tried asking her to speak to me properly. 
I decided to ask some fellow bloggers what there approaches towards whining were.

1. I'm quite strict when it comes to whingeing, I won't listen to Pops unless she's speaking to me nicely. It can take a while sometimes but I'm hoping in the long run it will stop it happening! Wish me luck haha. Ayse

2.  I sit in a corner and rock until it’s all over.

I tend to try and reason with her, if that doesn’t work, distract her and if that doesn’t work, ignore. Terry-Ann

3. I stop them in their tracks and always give them two options - both ones that I prefer so it might be "do you want to have the biscuits later or shall we put them in the bin?" Plus, I ALWAYS followed up with any threats like that (biscuits would go in the bin) Sounds very tough but when its unnecessary whinging I cant cope with it (it gets them nowhere in the real world) and I only had to follow through with my promises a couple of times for my kids to know I mean what I say. They are brilliant kids that dont push and totally respect my word whereas their Dad is full of empty threats and it has no effect so the whining continues for him Charlie

4.  I will get down to her level and explain to her that I can’t understand her when she whining so can she talk to me without whining! Normally works. However, if she has been whining all afternoon and I get to a point where I might unleash my inner crazy lady, I stop and just do the same to her and it makes her laugh. End of the whining dilemma! Kelly-Anne

5. Drink. The name wasn't an accident 😉 in my experience it passes with age... although when my son stops whinging I may have nothing to blog about. He whinges hard. Frances (I think this was possibly my favourite answer!!!)

 LOVED these answers and hopefully it should help some of you with whining children but if it doesnt, Gin helps! I can assure you of this.



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