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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January 2018: A Month In Summary

This month has been an interesting one, I started the month on a brand new page as like a lot of people and felt super positive and very excited for all the new challenges of this year.
I wanted to put blogging first this year obviously after all of the important stuff like family etc but I really wanted to focus on it a little more than I did last year, I've got t that point now where Ii really enjoy it as a hobby but I also want to kind of gain something from it. Half way through the month I went in to a proper slump again and just thought Ii wasn't good enough. I really need to get better at having a bit of self belief. I'll give it another go in February..

Family life has been pretty quiet this month, we haven't done a huge amount, mainly down to the horrible weather and illness etc. Also, because of lack of inspiration. I just don't know where to go in this weather. We started the month or year off with a lovely walk on the hills. There has been a lot of staying at home, which I've enjoyed but equally felt really guilty about as I feel I need to constantly find Darcy something to do and I always think she is bored. There has been plenty of cake making and play-doh playing.

Hopefully, February is warmer month! 



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