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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

How I've Started This Year As A More Positive Person & You Can Too.

This had been the year where I'd decided to make a change, yep I am that person that waited until the new year. Fresh start and all that. I realise that we are now in Febuary but I just wanted to talk about a few changes I have made within my mindset this last month. I think that your mind is more powerful than you'll ever believe and I've always found it difficult to be in control of it. 

If you're positive then good things will happen to you.
I've really believed this for as long as I can remember, a negative attitude never helped anyone really did it. I can't say I am the best at this because I do love a moan, but it is something I am working harder on.

Practise gratitude.
This is something that I've only recently started implementing, when you wake up, write down 3 things your are thankful for, then at the end of the day write down 3 things that you were thankful for, it really can be so simple but it makes you understand that you're grateful for the small things in life. Also it puts in to place the first point I made about being positive.

Learning about the law of attraction.
This is basically everything I've said above and more but its basically putting all your positive thoughts and manifesting them to make them happen. It's all something I am still learning about but very interesting, I am looking to read more self development books and learn more.

Smile more.
Smiling is one I didn't realise I wasn't great at. I have a bit of a rbf ( Resting Bitch Face. ) I have been consiously making more effort to be smilier as I looked a massive grump 90% of the time.

Take vitamins
I started doing this just before Christmas and I can't tell you how much of an improvement this has made to me. Especially the re-energising tablets I put in a glass of water in the morning. I don't drink coffee but I can only describe this what I'd imagine you'd feel like after having a coffee in the morning, but with vitamins and goodness.

Eat Healthy and drink more water.
I guess this is a given, If you want to feel good you gotta eat good. Water was my weak point and I didn't drink enough of it, I am no a changed woman drinking at least 2 litres a day woooo. Eating healthily needs improvement mind.

I'd say this is the most obvious one isn't it, get those endorphins going. I do find it difficult exercising and finding time to do it, but I just stick on youtube and do whatever the TV tells me to do. Also, Darcy either enjoys joining in or she enjoys laughing at me, either way it's entertainment for her!

Challenge Negative thoughts with positive ones.
So whenever a negative thought comes in to my head, I've got the other side of me saying 'well does it really matter though, can it be sorted' The answer is always yes if you're positive enough to change it. The way I describe it is you're your own best friend so give yourself the advice you deserve.

Set goals.
Goals setting is such a good way to see how far you've come, I've been setting goals and the satisfaction you feel when you've accomplished one is amazing.

I hope you change your life to be the most positive you can be but it does feel gooooood!


Monday, 14 January 2019

Small Business Monday - Blue Rock Living

Blue Rock Living are a business which make environmentally friendly toothbrushes, we all need to do our bit within looking after the planet and one thing I've been working towards recently and for the new year in particular is reducing how much plastic I am using. I was super happy to support this great business and thought it was a fantastic idea, it helps that they look great too, waaaay better than the horrible character toothbrushes you see in the shops for little ones. 
I think the one of the greatest things about this business is that they are a subscription service so you don't need to worry about running out to the shops when you need to get a new one as they make them for adults and kids, such a reasonable price as well which makes me wonder why I am using a plastic toothbrush over something that would reduce the plastic waste on this planet.

Here is what Blue Rock Living had to say about there business.

"We are a small team of two, a mum and son team.
A few years ago our family learnt that our precious oceans were under great threat from plastic pollution. We started by reducing our own plastic consumption but soon realised it was difficult to keep a plastic-free home, especially in busy family life. We knew we weren’t alone and that there were many other ocean lovers out there so we set out to simplify sustainable living. We have created a straight-forward, flexible subscription for replacing your household’s toothbrushes with biodegradable, plastic-free brushes.
Since launching in 2017, we have sold over 10,000 bamboo toothbrushes, and are delighted to announce the launch of our new subscription service inspired by modern families to help streamline the process of buying new eco toothbrushes (see image below).
New features include:
·         Coloured Bristles – adds style but also ensures there’s no confusion
·         Simple new subscription service – straightforward and flexible, from a single user to a family of adults and kids
·         New BlueRock minis (Child bamboo toothbrushes)
·         Marine life conservation donation with every toothbrush sold"

Please do go over to there website and take a look at the amazing toothbrushes they have.



Saturday, 12 January 2019

Things To Do Before Your Child Starts School

Darcy starts school in September which I can hardly believe! I've recently been trying to think of ways in which I can make the most of our time together before she is away 5 days a week. She will be one of the youngest set of children in her year with her birthday being in June so I do worry whether she is ready for school or not but I am sure it is just a case of getting used to it.
So, like I was saying I really want to make the most of our time together and make sure we are getting out lots, not only do I want to be going on lots of days out I also want to find ways to be able to prepare her for the routine of school and practise the type of things she might be doing such as phonics and numbers.

I asked a few fellow bloggers what there ideas were on this and if they had any advice for me.

Make the most of the cheap weekday entries at the cinema and soft play! Enjoy the quiet times in the park before the hoards of children come after school. - Ayse
Really agree with this one, entry prices are so expensive plus you're paying more without guaranteeing you'll be able to see everything if it is so busy.

Spend lots of time having fun with your little one! It's a time you will never get back! We recently got an Early Years Fun box full of activities and it was great! - Star
Trying to make a consious effort to spend more time with Darcy playing with her toys with her, I've never been the best at 'playing' with her but I love doing craft activities and also baking.

Take them on the Forestry Commission woodland trails to find the Gruffalo - Sarah
I love going on walks, it's a great way to do a little bit of exercise but also run that energy out of little ones, however my daughter seems to have an endless amount of energy?! I've never been on a Gruffalo walk before, but sounds like something Darcy would enjoy so will definitely look into it.

Go on a mini break mon-fri during term time because once they are at school, everywhere will be expensive and busy! - Anna
Similar to the first point, we are hoping to have a holiday in June which would be something we wouldn't be able to do when she goes to school as it will be in term time when the prices are ALOT cheaper.

Try and get into a routine of getting dressed in the mornings when they either get up, or after breakfast. This can help massively to get them into the school morning routine - Beth
This is a really good one, also a point made that I need to get better at. We will definitely start doing this.

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