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Monday, 29 December 2014

What Really Happens In The First Trimester

Bit of a different post on the blog today.

Sorry I've been absent from the blogasphere recently, there is a reason for this.
I'm preggggnannnnt! 

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and felt as thought this was the right time to let the cat out of the bag however friends and family have known a while now, I wasn't quite ready to put it on the internet just yet. I was unsure as to how to announce it, like do you just say it? end of blog post... anyway what I've decided is to do is tell you what happened in my first trimester.
I know every first trimester is very different from one another, mine wasn't great which I know is quite common. Some of the things i experienced were:

  1. Being thirsty ALOT. Which is great in a way because it reminded me to drink more and drinking more is good but waking up many times in the middle night because I need liquid is not so great which leads me onto my next point.
  2. Disturbed sleep, like what I've stated above, I also like to sleep on my back which I need to get of of the habit of so I've woken myself up every time I've rolled onto my back. 
  3. Feeling bloated/constipated TMI here but It had to be included because it was probably one of my worst symptoms.
  4. Feeling sick was also a terrible one for me, imagine waking up every morning for 2 to 3 weeks with a sicky headachey hangover. This is was it felt like for me.
  5. Generally aching, my body ached because I was growing I had tummy aches a lot which I didn't think was normal but apparently it's growing pains?
  6. Feeling stressed and a little bit miserable :( this wasn't a great one for me because I felt guilty for feeling like this and worked me up even more.
  7. The smell of cooking was a nasty one; especially on Christmas day, hours of waiting for my yummy lunch was spoilt because the smell which once upon a time would of made me even more hungry instead I had zero appetite when the food was put in front of me :(
  8. I have a huge lack of motivation which is my reason for being so absent on here and you tube recently, I love writing and filming videos usually but I have had no go in me, this will change from now on. I'm on the up!
  9. A beauty no no here. Dry skin. It's every girls nightmare putting foundation on that would usually look flawless and instead it goes flaky. Can anyone recommend me a super moisturising moisturiser because my usual one isn't doing the trick.
  10. Sore boobs! This wasn't really too much of a problem for me, it only happened now and again but when it did, bras were a no no.
  11. My hormones went flying and I am usually a happy, laid back and chilled person. Pregnancy has sent me to an angry lady which doesn't delve well when you work in front of the general public every day.

I know i've not made pregnancy sound great here, but I felt like an honest bog post was needed, all the posts I've read are too good to be true. I'm feeling better now though!
Is there anything that helped through pregnancy for you I could try? 
Let me know, I'll take any advice!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Things I Love About Autumn

We are now very much in Autumn, I know not everyone likes this season, I mean it's cold wet and can be a bit miserable.


However, there are so many reasons to love it too. I'll give a few reasons as to why.

  • The colours, this one is quite simple.. go outside and just have a look at the colours around you.  The leaves on the trees have turned beautiful colours, the colours of other peoples clothes. Autumn colours are beautiful.

  • Cosy evenings (by the fire if you have one) with a hot chocolate whilst it's miserable outside, maybe with a blanket too? 

  • Boots! Buying your first set of Autumn/Winter boots is the best isn't it?! 

  • Bonfire night is a really lovely evening of the year, getting together with your friends and family and watching the fireworks with a hot pork roll! (Cheeky roasted marshmallows too?!)

  • The build up to christmas, late night shopping and getting all festive is perfect :)

  • The lush christmas release means more baths! Autumn is chilly so the first thing I do once I'm out from the cold is get in to the warm bath.

  • Getting your onesie out! These were quite possibly the best invention, yes?! 

What do you love about Autumn?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lazy Day Staple | Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow

We all have those days where we just can't be bothered to make ourselves look presentable, but some of us can't leave the house bare-faced and I'm guilty for being one of them...

Recently this has been a big pleasure of mine, the Chanel Eyeshadow Stylo In Moonriver. Unfortunately they don't sell this colour anymore as it became discontinued which is a real shame..however this link will bring you to a gorgeous jade shore colour.

This quickly became a favourite of mine simply because it's super easy! I smear it all over my eyelid (if i'm feeling lazy which is like all the time!!!) otherwise when i'm feeling slightly more adventurous I will blend it in with a lighter colour. I expect they will bring out this range again in a different season because Chanel like to spice things up now and again.

This was a pricey product at around twenty-something (i can't remember from the top of my head :( ) however the amount of use and love for it i gained outweighed it. 

Have you tried this product? Would you if they brought it out again?


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Update ect..


Recently my posts haven't been regular up on here, I would say sorry, but I suppose I don't need to do I this is my place on the net and I do what I want...hehe.
There is nothing more I love to do than to kick back, take photos and write about beauty products or a maybe that gorgeous dress.. you know what I mean, as some one that works 37.5 hours a week in a fast paced environment by the time the day ends I am absolutely exhausted! It's so annoying and I really want to talk about something that isn't work which is really what I use my blog for. I dedicate my two days off a week to get my posts ready and videos for my youtube channel set up so on my evenings free I can just click the button to upload. Thing is I haven't been doing even that, I find on my days off there isn't enough hours in the day. I'd love to do this full-time, and I want to promise that posts will be up on tighter schedule I will set myself the challenge, so to keep myself going..please leave below some posts you'd love to see. 
Thank you so much to those of you who leave comments underneath my posts, it's lovely to see you enjoy reading them & I love to communicate with people that enjoy what I do.



Monday, 29 September 2014

My Favourite MAC Lipsticks

I think it's fair to say everyone (well almost everyone) knows or has heard of MAC. If you don't they are a cosmetic brand that sell high end make-up at the low end scale so maybe low of the high-end? Is that possible..

Anyway I'm rambling, on to what we are here for. The lipsticks from MAC are my favourite thing about the brand. Did you know when you have an empty product, just take it back and you'll bag yourself a FREE lipstick! That's pretty awesome huh.

The faves...

Crosswires - This lipstick is one I wear a lot in the Spring/Summer months with a cremesheen finish it feels a mix between semi-matte & moisturising.
On Hold 

Your probably thinking that these lipsticks are all fairly similar, but see the thing is there not. They are all different shades even if slightly but they are all different finishes. Satin & Cremesheen. I'd say satin is a semi-matte which is as matte as i'll go with these dry lips (boohoo) and creme sheen is semi moisturising. 

They are great for Autumn as the pinkier shades aren't too summery they've got that fall tint to them. 

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Or even Mac product? I love hearing about other peoples loves of MAC.



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Favourite Perfumes

There is nothing better than smelling damn good! Perfume is definitely one of my favourite things. This certainly isn't my collection but I thought I'd show you my favourites.

On the far left is Chance by  Chanel, this scent is still keeping with signature Chanel along with floral & fruity notes. Chanel describes it as delicate, light & fruity, something I'd agree with. This instantly makes me feel very feminine & independent and if a fragrance has the power to do that you're on to a winner.

Next along is the Lancome Est Belle, when I initially saw this was coming out, I noticed Julia Roberts was the model for the advert and I just knew I needed to give it a sniff. It's an awful confession to say that the way something is advertised or the person that is the face of a product is the reason behind wanting something. Well when I got around to smelling this perfume It lived up to all my expectations and more! It has a very fruity twist which isn't something I'd generally go for. My preference is usually a girly floral fragrance which it does touch on. It is instantly recognizable and my favourite out of my collection.

Lovestruck by Vera Wang is perfume in my collection that I can't spray another squirt, but I thought i'd still include it because I'm considering a repurchase. This is one of those perfumes that attracts you by the pretty bottle, apparently it is based on Romeo & Juliet (how cute!) again this is very light, floral & feminine plus It looks great on your dressing table!

Finally I have Chanel Mademoiselle which is the classic, it was the first high end perfume I received. it's so elegant. It's so beautifully packaged and presented. I would describe this as a very fresh scent & it lasts all day (6-7 hours) something you can't say about every perfume unfortunately. It is the most beautiful perfume around.

Hope you enjoyed an insight to my Perfume collection, what are your favourite perfumes?


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Recently I filmed a Kim Kardashian Inspired makeup routine over on my youtube channel. I thought that with this i'd write a cheeky little blog post to go aside it for those of you that prefer to read rather than watch. See, I think about you all, hehe.

I've loved the Kardashians for a while now, I'm aware that they are famous for being famous but I think that is what is so intriguing about them. As well as that they are all super gorgeous! There make-up is perfect and I simply want to look like them, any of them will do but for now I'll make do with using make-up to get there haha. 

I have adapted this look slightly hence why I decided to call it 'inspired' sometimes tutorials can make you look a little stupid and because my skin tone is nothing like Kims' that's my reason for doing so.  

Products I used to acheive this look:

  • Smashbox Photo Ready Primer
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
  • Benefit Dallas Bronzer
  • Sleek Contouring Pallette
  • Collection 2000 Light & Dark Concealer
  • Chanel Discretion Blusher
  • MAC Soft & Gentle Skin Finish
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  • Naked 3 Pallette
  • Chanel Creamy Eyeshadow Stick  
  • Tom Ford Eyeliner
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara
  • Dior Show Mascara

Overall I am really happy with how this look turned out, I'm thinking of doing a Kardashian Series of videos so let me know if you'd like to see that. Here is the video below if you'd like to check it out!



Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your make-up brushes is very important but I don't think enough make-up users realise just how important it actually is. Any bacteria on your skin is being wiped all over that brush for you to then put even more bacteria that collects on the brush back onto your face! Yucky huh?! If you have problem skin such as acne or tendency to breakout often I recommend this is done as regularly as possible, at least once a week. For me, I try to do this once a week but realistically it probably gets done every 2-3 weeks. Guilty!

I don't have any fancy routine, I'm not totally sure myself on what the best way to do it actually is and I probably clean my brushes in the wrong way. But it seems to get them clean so it's good for me at the moment! 

Step 1. Go find all your brushes ready for the washing to commence, place them on a flannel.

Step 2. Run a sink of hot water.

Step 3. Take your first brush off of the flannel and dip the tip (hehe, it rhymes) in the water.This just gently prepares the brush and softens it.

Step 4. Take some shampoo (just normal hair shampoo) this isn't the cheapest option but you only need the teeny tiniest amount, put it on the end of the brush tip.

Step 5. Gently cleanse the brushes washing the shampoo in, this releases all of the grossness as you will see a lot of what looks like foundation, but is probably mucky stuff too.

Step 6. Rinse off in the sink, where you will see the water become a yucky colour (thats your foundation, bronzer, blusher, concealer ect!!!!)

I couldn't see why you wouldn't be able to splodge a bit of conditioner to make them soft afterwards, just like a hair routine! But this is up to you.

Hope this post gives you some tips! How do you wash your make up brushes?



Monday, 25 August 2014

Monday Motivation #1

Every Monday I'm going to throw out something inspiring and motivational for the week ahead. I know this is a beauty related blog but I believe inner beauty is important too and staying happy and inspired is all part of that. Anyway I'm going off on a tangin but you know what I mean...:)

This quote was something that really grabbed me and inspired me to write a series for my blog.
You really can do anything you want to do if you have the attitude to do it. Nobody can control you. You are your own best friend.

What will you change in order to be happy this week?
Mine will be concentrating on being happy & healthy.


P.S Sorry for the deep post ;)


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Wishin'... #1

Every now and again we all have those moments when we're trawling through magazines or the internet and wish pay day would come that little bit quicker or perhaps bring along millions of pounds too. Today has been one of those days & I've spent this morning doing just that. These are some of the bits I've found by internet shopping & reading blog posts.

These baby's aren't the pair of shoes I'd usually go for but I'm feeling as though as we're going into Autumn/Winter it's always a good time to change up your style. I'd style these with my my light blue skinny jeans and my faux fur Jack Wills coats in the winter. They retail at £50.00 which isn't bad for River Island boots. They will be something i'll pick up with next months wages!

This is certainly something I've wanted for a long time and a luxury I eventually earn myself if I save. They are just so god damn expensive! 

This morning I was browsing the Mulberry website for a new purse when I came across Cara delevingnes' new collection and I've definately found my favourite. It has lion rivets!!! It's a gorgeous bag and you can style it in so many different ways and the strap can be changed in different ways, it's a neutral colour too and would go with quite alot of colours and outfits. However this isn't something i'll get this season unfortunately what with the hefty price tag of £1,600! :(

The packaging of this gorgeous contour and highlighter is absolutely luxury and I can only assume the product itself will be too with it retailing at £56.00 definately added to my christmas list! 

I've heard so much about this in the blogasphere and the fact it's called 'magic cream' intices me by itself. Anything that is magic sounds more than amazing! Charlotte claims it's her secret weapon she has been using for over 20 years! However as its £70.00 I'll have to have a longer think about it as it's a lot of money to spend on something I'm not even sure if I'll like.. Maybe if i could try before I buy.

Again, these are something I wouldn't usually wear but I think they are so perfect for Autumn/Winter. With these seasons clothes they are often seen to be dull and dark but the floral print livens it up a bit. These retail at £40.00.

Whats on your Wishlist at the moment? Anything here you're loving too?




Thursday, 21 August 2014

Products Not Worth The Hype...

Recently I've been using a lot more products that I wouldn't usually buy mainly because I've been reading a lot of blogs and I'm easily swayed ;) I'm a massive impulse buyer.

However we don't always talk about products that disappoint us and these are one of the posts I enjoy reading the most because you know that they are the most honest...

Here are a couple of products recently that haven't made it to the favourite list.

Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser

This product is one that all I've heard about the hype, so a lot of people are going to disagree with me here. Out of the three scents avaliable I chose this one for the following reasons.. I don't like aloe vera, and I don't enjoy smelling like cocoa butter although I adore the smell, kinda weird huh? I didn't feel as though this moisturised me in any way. It sunk in straight away and don't get me wrong it's super handy but for the simple reason it didn't leave feeling nice and moisturised and do as as it said on the can I found this quite disappointing. :(

Bioderma crealine H20

This is the second time I've repurchased this make-up remover so you're probably wondering why after this time I've included it in to my disappointing products list well I've realised there are just as good products out there for a much much cheaper price, for example the new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which I spoke about here. I think Bioderma is a perfect makeup remover but I feel at £15.99 it's to much when I can pop down to boots and pay 4.99.

Do you agree/disagree with either of these?

Let me know what you aren't enjoying at the moment 


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My Current Skincare Routine

We're in the middle of summer! So I thought what better time to show you my skincare routine/favourites.

First off I always use a cleansing water to take my make-up off as opposed to make-up wipes, I feel as though cleansing water is a lot more gentle on my skin and wipes can be a bit rough around my eye area. At the moment I'm loving the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. The first main advantage of it is its £4.99 at boots and works just as well as Bioderma! It's very soothing and removes every bit of make-up easily. All I really want from a make-up remover.

After removing my make-up I'll use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I just use this to make sure every bit of make-up is off and it feels like a dream when your using the warm cloth against your skin, it's all natural too! For this I use it morning & evening all over my face and neck.

So, I've made sure all of my make-up is off so next is time for exfoliating. I won't do this everyday as I think it can be a bit rough against my skin, although this is the most gentle one I've used yet. It doesn't seem like exfoliators like me? This is another product from Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator.

Now I've exfoliated my face its time to put some radiance into my skin with the REN radiance perfection serum, I love this serum, it was a present last Christmas and definitely now something I couldn't live without. I put this on morning and evening, It's made such a difference on my skin, I apply a small amount on the back of my hand and apply it all over my face and neck.

So now on to moisturising, which is my favourite part. I use the Murad Ultimate Moisture For Eyes I love this eye cream & instantly became a holy grail. I apply underneath my eye and all over my lid up to my brow morning & evening. It leaves me hydrated straight away. When I apply it in the morning I find my concealer looks so much better with it. It's quite an expensive product at £57.00 but you literally need the tiniest amount and it goes a long way. 

Finally I put my all over face moisturiser. For this, my evening time moisturiser of choice is the Soap & Glory Night & Flight Hydrant Moisturiser. This is amazing and the reason i only use this in the evening is because it's quite thick. In the morning I'll use Simple day cream as this is a lot lighter for me to then put my makeup on. The Soap & Glory moisturiser leaves me instantly hydrated and smells beautiful too, like citrusy? The next morning I'll wake up with baby skin, yay!

What's your favourite morning & evening skincare products? Can you recommend me any other exfolaitors?

Amelia xxx

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