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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Favourite Perfumes

There is nothing better than smelling damn good! Perfume is definitely one of my favourite things. This certainly isn't my collection but I thought I'd show you my favourites.

On the far left is Chance by  Chanel, this scent is still keeping with signature Chanel along with floral & fruity notes. Chanel describes it as delicate, light & fruity, something I'd agree with. This instantly makes me feel very feminine & independent and if a fragrance has the power to do that you're on to a winner.

Next along is the Lancome Est Belle, when I initially saw this was coming out, I noticed Julia Roberts was the model for the advert and I just knew I needed to give it a sniff. It's an awful confession to say that the way something is advertised or the person that is the face of a product is the reason behind wanting something. Well when I got around to smelling this perfume It lived up to all my expectations and more! It has a very fruity twist which isn't something I'd generally go for. My preference is usually a girly floral fragrance which it does touch on. It is instantly recognizable and my favourite out of my collection.

Lovestruck by Vera Wang is perfume in my collection that I can't spray another squirt, but I thought i'd still include it because I'm considering a repurchase. This is one of those perfumes that attracts you by the pretty bottle, apparently it is based on Romeo & Juliet (how cute!) again this is very light, floral & feminine plus It looks great on your dressing table!

Finally I have Chanel Mademoiselle which is the classic, it was the first high end perfume I received. it's so elegant. It's so beautifully packaged and presented. I would describe this as a very fresh scent & it lasts all day (6-7 hours) something you can't say about every perfume unfortunately. It is the most beautiful perfume around.

Hope you enjoyed an insight to my Perfume collection, what are your favourite perfumes?



  1. I love that Chanel one! My favourites at the moment are Down Town by Calvin Klein and Nina Ricci!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  2. Great post, I'm useless when it comes to choosing a fragrance to buy, so I just stick with my Molecule 01 ahaa
    I'm now following you on Bloglovin and Google+ xx

  3. Brilliant Post, Love Your Blog X


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