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Friday, 24 July 2015

Darcy | One Month Update

It feels like only yesterday I was handed Darcy on to me and now looking down on her in my arms she is a one month old! I can see now when people say "enjoy every moment, they grow up so quick" what they mean. I feel quite lucky really because she very rarely makes a fuss unless she is hungry or uncomfortable. She sleeps quite well and wakes up around 2 times a night, generally I'll be getting a block of 3 hours sleep at a time. 

This month.. 
  • Darcy is beginning to out grow newborn clothing, although she is not quite in 0-3 months, she fits perfect in 'up to 1 month'
  • She stares at peoples faces more now and I feel like she recognizes me and her dad.
  • She loves being put on her side or stomach although I must add I don't put her to bed in either of these positions!
  • She loves her little bean bag.
  • Her neck is strengthening very well.
  • I think she recognizes the difference between day and night & will be more alert during the day.
  • Will sleep 3-4 hours at night.
  • She looks more and more like her Dad every day and less and less like me.
I am so proud of all her achievements already, I'm looking forward to what I will be writing about next month, she is changing more and more every day.



  1. Just found your blog, your little girl is so cute! I also have a little girl called Darcie, reading this blog reminding me when my daughter was a newborn, yes it definitely goes by very fast, enjoy every moment:) looking forward to reading more xx

    1. Thank you so much, i know a lot of people have told me that so i'm trying to appreciate every second :)

  2. What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations xx

    Sabrina Jaine


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