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Friday, 14 August 2015

My Thoughts On Co-Sleeping


Before I had Darcy co-sleeping was something I would always say i'd never do, I just always felt like it was a terrible habit to get yourself in to and I also thought it was slightly on the dangerous side.. i mean what if I was to roll on to her or crush a little arm or something..

However fast forward to Darcy who is now nearly 8 weeks old, co-sleeping is something I am completely open too. The night she was born and I was in hospital there was no way she was going to sleep in the little crib they supply you with there..she has just come out of my tummy after spending 9 months there and you expect her to sleep on her own? It just wasn't going to happen & I was understandably exhausted. The only way I would get any shut eye was if she was going to sleep whilst either I cuddled her or if she was lying next to me. So it all went from there really. All my opinions on it went straight out the window.
When we arrived home she did sleep in her moses basket fairly easily, but when she'd wake up in the night & all she wanted was to be cuddled I didn't really hesitate to bring her in our bed, i need to sleep too! I did do some research on co-sleeping & it was 50/50 opinions. Most health professionals would tell you not to do it, I didn't even bother telling my health visitor that I was doing it some nights, it was bad enough telling her I'd stopped breastfeeding. I feel like this is my little way of bonding with my baby & it is working for us. I must add i've just read through what I've written & i've made it sound like she exclusively sleeps in our bed, if she'll go off in her moses basket then we definately leave her to it, but having now had a baby it has changed my opinion completely & I now understand why mothers do it. As far as health issues go, from my research I found that to co-sleep safely you should never:

1. Co-sleep whilst drunk
2. Co-sleep when extremely tired
3. Co-sleep if you smoke

I would never do it if I was drunk & I don't smoke anyway but I am a very light sleeper so even if I was tired which I usually am I would wake up straight away anyway.I think when you know your baby is the bed with you, your maternal instinct is makes you even more of a lighter sleeper.

So there you have it, a confession from someone who thought she would never co-sleep.


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