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Friday, 29 January 2016

Darcy | Seven Month Update

That's another month gone in a minute, it really is true what they say 'time flys when you have a child.' I have a seven month old! I've been looking back recently a lot at photos of my Darcy when she was a new born and I just can't believe how big they get in such a short space of time.

So what has happened this month.. 

  • She babbles a lot at the moment and a lot of her sounds sound like words, such as mama and dada. I wonder if she really does know what she is saying sometimes.
  • She is sat up properly now and I can leave her with a few toys while i run around doing quick housework.
  • She is loving her food and will pretty much eat anything we give her, she does prefer to feed herself so we're trying a combination of baby led & purees. We give her three meals a day.
  • This month we've been really trying to get in a more fixed routine which has also meant sleep training, something I've been a bit hesitant to try, I'd like to do a post on this completely though.
  • She really wants to crawl, how ever she kind of just rocks on her stomach but pushes her arms up, so shes nearly there. She just needs to work on those legs!
  • She is a lot more interactive now, and can pass her toys from hand to hand.

She is at one of those stages where if you watch her you can see she is discovering something new all the time.

I think that might be pretty much it..
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  1. She's gorgeous and I adore the name Darcy! My Niece is 4 now and I'm always shocked when she's chatting away thinking it feels like yesterday when all she could do was mumble. My sister did baby led feeding and it always worked great for her, and now she's very healthy with what she chooses to eat and almost too independent with it!


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