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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Darcys First Christmas

I'm a bit late in posting this, but it was definitely something I wanted to write about to look back on more than anything.
Darcy has just had her first Christmas and with her only being 6 months old at the time, it was safe to say she didn't have a clue what was going on. However I think she really enjoyed herself and got lots of new toys. When we began our day I did her a small stocking and she opened all of those she loved her new rattles and bits and bobs, after all of the excitement of that though she was a little bit overwhelmed and got really tired really quickly so she went off for her nap. Once she had woken up we all opened our presents together, I didn't realise this would have to be done so slowly with a baby! They get so confused as to what is going on don't they, bless, we then all chilled out for a bit before going over to my mums for Christmas dinner, yum yum. (And of course Darcy got some too!)
We spent the rest of the day there and shared lots of laughter, fun and drank lots and ate lots, just what Christmas is about, oh and not forgetting a game of monopoly.
Darcy's routine was pretty out of the window understandably, so by the end of it all she was super tired!
The following day we spent the day with Paul's family so we got two Christmas', again another day Darcy thoroughly enjoyed.
I just thought I'd post some pictures as really they say everything.

Thank you for reading
with her new stocking fillers

 opening her big presents
nothing like a little selfie 

 playing with her new toys

family selfie

our pretty girl

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