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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Darcy | Nine Month Update

So my baby is 3 months away from turning one! I cannot believe this. I feel so sad about it too. I feel like this month has had the most changes yet. She has just come on leaps and bounds.
There are a few changes this month so I'll get on with it.

  • She now goes to a childminder once a week and has been going the last three weeks, She is still settling in there, but by the sounds of things she is really enjoying it.
  • I've gone back to work and I miss my baby so much, only going 2 days a week so not too bad.
  • She's pulling herself up on to her knees, won't be long until it's her feet!
  • She has learnt to clap and wave!
  • She is very chatty.. although we can't understand any of that baby jabber - i like to think sometimes we are having a conversation.
  • She has started roaring like a lion..haha.
  • She now sleeps like a dream 7.30-6.30/7am.
  • She has two teeth growing through. Yayyyy, finally.
  • The girl can properly crawl. I feel like this has come along so quickly as she didn't seem very interested in it. 
  • She loves getting up to mischief and playing with anything that isn't hers, ha!
  • She can say Mama and Dada pretty well now
  • She's in 9-12 month clothing now.
I think that is all really, I feel like there have been some big changes this month really. Especially the crawling. Stop growing up before my very eyes....

Thank you for reading.

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