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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Present Ideas For A One Year Old

With Darcys first birthday rapidly coming around the corner I've started thinking about what I'm going to be getting her and planning her a little party/bbq.
I am super excited even though she probably won't have a clue what is going on. I expect she'll be more interested in the wrapping paper too!
I decided to put together a little gift guide on good presents for a one year old and tell you what I am thinking about getting Darcy.

Top Left To Right:
Darcy hasn't got any outdoor toys so as she is a June baby, it's the perfect time with it being summer to invest in some. Plus she loves climbing at the moment too so this will great for her. 
I've heard lots of good things about this book and I also love that it is a classic. Darcy not only loves her books at the moment, she loves peekaboo too so I definitely will be buying this.
Darcy has got the hang of crawling now so she'd love the tunnel on this and the tents are quite fun too. I can imagine we'd have a lot of fun with this in the garden having a picnic in it and such.
I've heard so much about these and will definitely get one for her birthday, I think these are great for children of this age to as they can grow in to them unlike other toys are only around for a few months. They do them in all kinds of colours too.
Middle Left To Right:
Just like the activity gym this is another fun present for the outdoors, I take Darcy to the park a lot as we live right near one and she absolutely loves the slide, haven't 100% decided on whether she will have this for her birthday as it might take the fun of going to the park, but would be a good idea for someone who doesn't have one near.
I really the happyland range and especially this bus, it allows children to use there imagination and I think I will get this for Darcy. It will be nice to watch her develop pretend play as I haven't seen this before.
This again like above is a lovely way for children to use there imagination. It's currently half price too, so will be getting this later. Even better! I really like the girlie side of this too, I kinda want a go too hehe.
I love any of the old school wooden toys, there is way too many plastic electronics out now days (I sound like an old women!) I especially love this cute pushchair and I can just imagine her pushing around her dolls. So cute.

Darcy hasn't yet got a noisy play book and this girl likes anything noisy, it looks bright and fun too so I might give this to someone who needs a gift idea for her.

Bottom Left to Right:

I love that this can not only be used a paddling pool but also something where you can take to the beach and sit in the shade. With the summer months coming we'd get some use out of this.
I don't know if this is something we would get, but I love this and when I was a child I would of loved soemthing like this. Especially the fact it's like a castle too! My imaginationw ould have been going wild. It's £35 too which I think is pretty reasonable!

This is a lovely idea because not only is it pretend play, it teaches babies manners from a young age, aswell as numbers too. I'm looking forward to my cups of tea!

I'm really glad I did this post because in a couple of weeks time when I am looking for gifts for Darcy I can look back here and get inspiration. I can't wait for her birthday. Will do another post soon on plans for the day ect.
What did you get your little ones for there first birthday?
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Friday, 20 May 2016

8 Activites To Do With A 10 Month Old

Entertaining Darcy was always something I worried about. I often wondered if I was boring her but it turns out she is quite happy to play on her own with her toys as well as happy for me to join in too. Today I thought I'd tell you a few activities we like to do together.

  • Make a den. We often put a blanket or sheet over her bouncer which also has a space underneath to sit under, small enough really just for Darcy but mummy likes to squeeze in to, and she really enjoys this.
  • Saucepan and a wooden spoon. It's the simple things! Just getting a saucepan out of the cupboard turning it upside down and giving her a wooden spoon would keep her happy for while. In fact anything that makes a noise keeps Darcy happy!
  • Picnic in the garden/park. Now that the weather is changing and looking perkier, we like to lay a towel on the grass in the garden and sit out with a few toys. Perhaps even a picnic. Lovely and cheap!
  • Toys/Repetitive Stacking. Most toys are educational but one we particularly focus on at the moment is repetitive stacking her blocks. I'll stack them up, she'll knock them down but she is beginning to learn now to stack them herself.
  • Bubbles. This one we've recently done for the first time, blowing bubbles is what I do and Darcy tries to catch them or just giggles .
  • Reading. Another simple one, yes I know she can't read yet, but she very much enjoys looking and pointing at the pictures.
  • Peekaboo. Now that Darcy is old enough she is able to pull a blanket to her face and play it with me instead. Love that.
  • The Chase Game. Literally started playing this 2 days ago. I say I'm. 'Coming. To. Get. YOOOOOU!!!!' She screeches with giggles and crawls super fast. Then I'll crawl away from her and she'll crawl and get me. One of our favourites at the moment.
What do you like to do with your little ones? 
Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Darcy | Ten Month Update

This is so late but I didn't want to not post it even though my 11 month one is due in two days this was written up a month ago. I just forgot to add pictures.

Boy oh boy, how is she ten months! It feels like I have a toddler now compared to the tiny little newborn I once had. I look at pictures now and am like 'that was never my baby' I just don't know where the time has gone.

Anyway on to the deets...

  • As I said last month she is now crawling, well she is now super fast crawling, however now she can do this standing and walking has taken a back seat.
  • I had her weighed this morning and she is 20lbs which is on the 50th centile so thats pretty good, as well as her height is 72cm.
  • She is still in size 4 nappies and is in 9-12/12-18 month clothing.
  • She is really enjoying her food. Especially strawberries, cucumber and cheese.
  • She loves books at the moment especially the touchy feely ones.
  • She hates the word 'no'.
  • She has become very inquisitive, looking in handbags ect... and not just mine!
  • We're loving chase at the moment as well as hide and seek.
  • She mastered clapping and waving, I started showing her how to blow kisses and she did it the once. So cute.
  • Sleeping is still going amazing 8pm till 7am is bliss.
  • She loves posing for the camera too.
Not loads has really happened this month, but I know I'll love looking back at these when she is older and I'm sure she'll appreciate them too.

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