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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Darcy | Ten Month Update

This is so late but I didn't want to not post it even though my 11 month one is due in two days this was written up a month ago. I just forgot to add pictures.

Boy oh boy, how is she ten months! It feels like I have a toddler now compared to the tiny little newborn I once had. I look at pictures now and am like 'that was never my baby' I just don't know where the time has gone.

Anyway on to the deets...

  • As I said last month she is now crawling, well she is now super fast crawling, however now she can do this standing and walking has taken a back seat.
  • I had her weighed this morning and she is 20lbs which is on the 50th centile so thats pretty good, as well as her height is 72cm.
  • She is still in size 4 nappies and is in 9-12/12-18 month clothing.
  • She is really enjoying her food. Especially strawberries, cucumber and cheese.
  • She loves books at the moment especially the touchy feely ones.
  • She hates the word 'no'.
  • She has become very inquisitive, looking in handbags ect... and not just mine!
  • We're loving chase at the moment as well as hide and seek.
  • She mastered clapping and waving, I started showing her how to blow kisses and she did it the once. So cute.
  • Sleeping is still going amazing 8pm till 7am is bliss.
  • She loves posing for the camera too.
Not loads has really happened this month, but I know I'll love looking back at these when she is older and I'm sure she'll appreciate them too.

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