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Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Family Day Out To Bucks Mills & Tarr Steps

A couple of weeks ago, Paul, Darcy and myself packed a few things for a day out in Somerset and North Devon we drove over to Bucks Mills which is just outside of Bideford which is a beautiful village with a cobbly beach which has a natural waterfall flowing over it, I guess you could call this place a cove like beach. Paul is currently studying photography (which works well for me and my blog!!) at college and has a keen interest in waterfalls and has done a project incorporating them which is the main reason for visiting and I am so glad we did as it is beautiful place and makes me feel so grateful for where I live in the country and have all these places on my door step. Darcy had her picnic lunch here which she really enjoyed. She loved playing with all the stones and rocks with me trying to stop her from putting them in her mouth! That's where everything is going at the moment. After lunch we made our way to Tarr Steps. I had been here before, it is a lovely little place, with children dipping there feet in the stream and dogs running all about the place. Darcy was in her element really she has taken such a liking to dogs at the moment and I could hear her giggling from her pushchair. We found a little area to sit on the grass so Darcy could continue eating and Paul could go and take some pictures. It was a lovely weather wise aswell as a general beautiful day out. I really do love family days out and creating memories and I think its the best place for Darcy to learn. 

Any places you've thoroughly enjoyed for a family day out?
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Friday, 17 June 2016

Darcy | Eleven Month Update

I'm again late with this one, but how am I going to have a one year old soon!!? This year has gone so fast, it's so true that they don't stay little for long and whilst I know she isn't grown up just yet I'm just not too sure where my tiny baby went..
Not a lot has really changed this month so I suppose that is why I've been putting this one off and also enjoying my time with my baby.

Here are a few details:

  • Routine wise, she gets up at 7am, breakfast at 8am and then a nap after her bottle around 9am for 1 hr and a half. Lunch is at 12.30pm another nap at 2pm for an hour or so, afternoon snack at 4pm, dinner at 6/6.30pm. Bedtime routine begins at 7.15pm asleep by 8pm.
  • Food wise, she has weetabix for breakfast and a piece of fruit with cows milk as a drink after. Lunch is generally a sandwich and some cucumber and some cheese. Dinner will be whatever we have with a yoghurt for afters and snacks she will have a breadstick or something similar. 
  • Darcy is coming to the end of 9-12 months clothing and mostly in 12-18 months and in size 4 nappies still.
  • She is walking around if she supports herself with furniture.
  • She can climb onto the sofa and up the stairs (ahhh!!)
  • she can shake her head as if to say no.
  • She can say hi, bye, and yeah or yeppppp.
  • She has four teeth but I think more are on there way.
  • She loves making a lot of mess or as much as possible!!
  • She went on her first ride, like the ones you see outside supermarkets, and she loved it.
  • She has started having tantrums already!!! I think this is frustration though.
I feel like this is mostly it, I absolutely love being her mummy and everyday she does something new and makes me laugh. She's lovely.

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