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Friday, 17 June 2016

Darcy | Eleven Month Update

I'm again late with this one, but how am I going to have a one year old soon!!? This year has gone so fast, it's so true that they don't stay little for long and whilst I know she isn't grown up just yet I'm just not too sure where my tiny baby went..
Not a lot has really changed this month so I suppose that is why I've been putting this one off and also enjoying my time with my baby.

Here are a few details:

  • Routine wise, she gets up at 7am, breakfast at 8am and then a nap after her bottle around 9am for 1 hr and a half. Lunch is at 12.30pm another nap at 2pm for an hour or so, afternoon snack at 4pm, dinner at 6/6.30pm. Bedtime routine begins at 7.15pm asleep by 8pm.
  • Food wise, she has weetabix for breakfast and a piece of fruit with cows milk as a drink after. Lunch is generally a sandwich and some cucumber and some cheese. Dinner will be whatever we have with a yoghurt for afters and snacks she will have a breadstick or something similar. 
  • Darcy is coming to the end of 9-12 months clothing and mostly in 12-18 months and in size 4 nappies still.
  • She is walking around if she supports herself with furniture.
  • She can climb onto the sofa and up the stairs (ahhh!!)
  • she can shake her head as if to say no.
  • She can say hi, bye, and yeah or yeppppp.
  • She has four teeth but I think more are on there way.
  • She loves making a lot of mess or as much as possible!!
  • She went on her first ride, like the ones you see outside supermarkets, and she loved it.
  • She has started having tantrums already!!! I think this is frustration though.
I feel like this is mostly it, I absolutely love being her mummy and everyday she does something new and makes me laugh. She's lovely.

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