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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sudocrem Care & Protect: Review

Sudocrem is the most popular choice for most mums out there when there looking for something to clear up their little ones' nappy rash, it's been around over 80 years and has been used by our parents and possibly there parents too.
 We've been extremely lucky that Darcy hasn't suffered with too bad a case of nappy rash however she does flare up when she is teething which has happened recently which has meant I've been able to give a clear review of this product, we've also found that she's slightly red first thing in the morning after wearing her nappy all night, so on those occasions Sudocrem has been first choice for us and always cleared it up straight away.

Recently we were asked to try out a more recent Sudocrem product. It's the 'Care & Protect' formulation. Now I was thrilled to try this because the name gave me the idea that it was slightly more sensitive on skin, and with Darcy having more on the sensitive side of skin I was more than happy to try this on her. When the product arrived I did a little research on it, it turned out I was right, it not only prevents nappy rash, it also conditions the skin. Not only was I happy that this was gentler on skin, I liked the fact it came in a tube easier to use with one hand I find. 
One thing I don't like about the original Sudocrem was the tub, if you've got longer nails, you get it all stuck up the back of them which obviously not the nicest thing in the world. Care & Protect is also a thinner formulation than the original so it soaks in quicker knowing that you haven't got the product rubbing on the nappy and not doing it's job properly. I should admit I haven't used this at every nappy change however I have used it when ever she has been red and it has done the job quickly. It's also a lot more compact, easy to care around with you than the larger tubs.

So all in all I was really pleased with this version of Sudocrem & will be definitely sticking with it mainly because its more sensitive. However I will continue to use the original Sudocrem if Darcys bottom is very sore as I feel as it's thicker its more of a treatment where as care & protect is as it says protection.

Have you tried this product? Did you like it?

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