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Monday, 22 August 2016

Monday Motivation #2

Sorry this was posted slightly later in the day of Monday; however it is still Monday and the beginning of a new week.

This week I wanted to touch on being a woman and sticking together a bit more and having more girl power.
It's just i've noticed a bit more recently that us women can be a little or a lot bitchy and i've seen it. I definitely find that some ladies can find it difficult to compliment others because they don't have enough confidence to make someone else feel good about themselves. So this week I am going to make the goal of complimenting somebody else whilst not thinking about myself and how I compare. This shouldn't be hard but with the world we live in.. we are constantly comparing ourselves with others..

Do you compare yourself to others?
Thanks for reading


Saturday, 13 August 2016

A Day Out To Stourhead Lakes

As you know if you read one of my previous posts.. Myself and my partner Paul recently became national trust members.. Yes we are still in our twenties! Ha.
It's opened us up to lots of days out, walking and learning for Darcy.. besides there is no better place to learn than the great big outdoors hey!
Paul had been wanting to come here for a while as he knew he'd get some great shots, and he definitely did! When we got here it was almost lunchtime so we decided to beat the queues and get lunch straight away so we could get a table, it was delicious if very very very expensive! We'll take a picnic next time I expect!
We followed a few signs to the gardens and ended up walking to the beautiful lakes, it was beautiful weather and the sun definitely did it justice. 
Darcy had a great time, she likes looking up at all the trees and I got her out of her pram a couple of times to encourage her to walk.. with a little help from me. She ended up chasing the ducks.
We've only been to a couple of national trust places so far.. but this was definitely my favourite.
Enjoy the photos..
*These were taken by my partner Paul


Monday, 8 August 2016

Monday Motivation #1

So today I have decided to start a series of posts, I started this kind of thing before but never saw it through and I feel like this would be quite motivational to this time I will keep it up! So, every Monday morning I will be posting an inspirational quote as such or something motivational. I feel like it's a good way to start the week and a great thing to look back on!


I am really enjoying to blog at the moment and have a little space in the world to write. It take me away to have a bit of 'me time'. Much needed when you're a mummy! This seems like a good quote to start on and very relevant to me right now!
I have a lot of goals at the moment and a lot of them revolve around work and trying to find a different path to take.

Do you have any goals for the future? Or perhaps even for this week!
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Thursday, 4 August 2016

July: A Month In Pictures

July was the month that I decided that I wanted to knuckle down and really put more into my blog. I really enjoy it, but I thought I didn't have the time, however I am going to make the time. Washing, house work etc can wait. I decided to ask pipdig to install a pretty template on to my page and make it look swooshy and now I am going to think about making good content for it.
This month Darcy has really been getting good at her walking and although she isn't confident enough to do it on her own she will hold my hand and walk alongside me (sooooo cute!!!)

There hasn't been a huge amount of goings on but we've taken a few day trips here and there so that Paul can get some good shots. We went to Wells in Somerset for a few hours, it's a really pretty place and it's great to discover the area you live in sometimes.
One evening we went to St Audries Bay near Minehead, there was a pretty natural waterfall there too. 

We also became national trust members this month and went off to Dunster Castle for our first trip. Darcy enjoyed this as they have natural outdoor play there.
On a downside we now need to start looking for a new house which brings a bit of stress to things. We have two months yet so hopefully it will be fine.

I have a couple of things I want to improve on in August:

Get Darcy out more:
I feel like we need more days out so I am going to make sure this happens more in August. We have national trust passes now.. the world is our oyster... haha! But no seriously she loves exploring so I will make more of an effort to do this.

Put more effort in to the content of my posts and look at potentially restarting my Youtube channel:
Yeah this is a new one! So certainly in August I want to be putting my all in to my blog and really making great content and feeling proud of it. So perhaps I shouldn't take on toooooo much however I lost a lot of confidence recently and left my Youtube channel how it was but I really love watching other peoples and always wish I could do that. Well I need to tell myself that I CAN!!!! I began it and I was doing really well. I shouldn't of stopped..

How was your July? Any goals for August?
Enjoy the pictures
Thanks for reading

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