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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Darcys Favourite Books At The Moment

Ever since Darcy was about six weeks old, I have read to her pretty much every night. I think it is a great way to get them in to a bedtime routine, relaxes them, educates them, and most importantly I feel it gives us bonding time.

Darcy certainly has her favourites and these usually include puppet books, characters that she recognises from television books or just books where mummy does funny voices. So, today I thought i'd tell you about some of Darcys favourite books.

Calm down Boris by Sam Lloyd

This is a puppet book and you can definitely expect giggles from this.. It's about a monster called Boris who is far too tickly and kissy. This is what makes it so great that it is a puppet book because it has appropriate moments to be able to go compeltely OTT and make Darcy laugh. Makes me have good fun too as I can use silly voices.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

I'm sure anyone with kids recognises this book! We've only recently bought this after hearing good things about it and I must admit I personally love it. I love how it's a story that leads somewhere. Darcy loves this because of the big pictures and again the voices I use. It's a firm favourite here..

Peppa Pig: My Daddy

Darcy is absolutely obsessed with anything Peppa Pig at the moment so this is the one she always chooses.. although I'm going to have to get the Mummy pig one...Not sure how I feel about Daddy getting all the love.. hehe.

Peepo! by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

This is a story read and loved by me when I was a little girl.. so when I saw this the other day I had to get it and read it to Darcy. I love how it's a classic book and the illustrations are so beautiful. Darcy loves hide and seek and peekaboo games so this one was a winner.

What are your little peoples favourite books..I'd love to find more.
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Monday, 7 November 2016

Things To Love About Autumn

Autumn and Winter are absolutely without a doubt my favourite seasons. It's getting is coming.. and lots of snuggling under cosy blankets!
This totally calls for a things to love about Autumn type of post!

1. The Gorgeous Colours Of The Trees.
Look out of the window and just apreciate the beautiful coliurs, I love that the leaves fall down which makes for a walk crunching leaves, which when you're a mum is obligatory.

2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!
I have not even had one yet and I'm pretty sure they've been back for like a month?!

3. Halloween!
Yes, I know it's been and gone. Darcy had her first trick or treating sesh and she LOVED it.

4. Kicking Leaves.
We've sort of had this one on number 1. Darcy can't do this but she loves it when I do it, she has a little giggle.

5. Fashion.
I love the clothes in the shops at this time of year and I find shopping for jumpers and warmer clothes more satisfying that summer ones that I may not be able to wear due to British weather being so unpredictable.

6. Hot Chocolates.
It's acceptable to have one with alllllllll the trimmings!

7. Candles. 
It's a lot nicer to burn candles in the colder weather,

8. More Roast Dinners!
More of these please! I do love a good roast dinner in the winter.

9. Being able to wear cosy socks more.
Note to self.. go to Primark and buy more. I love love love cosy fluffy socks. The fluffier the better I say!

10. It's Monopoly season!
We love a good game of Monopoly although sometimes it does end in tears! Well with Paul it does as he always loses!

What do you love about Autumn?
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Why I Think A Routine Is Important


Darcy is now 16 months old and I have been pretty strict with routine since probably around 3 months. Obviously there has been times when we've had to change things.. say if we're going out or something but for the most part routine has always been something we have both needed and I feel it's quite important. It's not always easy though, having a routine because sometimes there is going to be occasions or days where she is more tired than others, therefore she'll either nap more or less which I think either of those can totally affect bedtimes. Especially at the moment she is sort of in the middle of transitioning for two naps a day down to one but some days she will still want her two naps however have the second nap too late means a later bedtime. Some people would disagree with me here and say 'well this why strict routines are no good' but I feel like I need something to rely on too. I need to know what I am going to do that day. Routines benefit the whole family I think.
I didn't really know where I was going with this post today, I just felt like it was something I wanted to sit down and talk about.
Another thing is I feel like Darcy's concentration levels and general behavior is different if she is tired, on days when our routine is slightly unstructured it's like having a different child. Like I said above there is and has been plenty of times when we have unpredictable changes but at least I can offer a structure to her day in the most part. 
What do you think about routines?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

12 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas | Toddler Edition

We're finally getting closer to Christmas, YAYYY! My favourite time of the year..
I thought to begin my more christmassy posts, I'd kick off with a gift guide. My little girl will be 18 months when Christmas arrives so I thought that I would do a Baby/Toddler edition.
Just a few bits 'n' bobs for a stocking.

If your little ones like Peppa Pig like my one certainly does then this would be a great idea to pop in the stocking. I've got this for Darcy and part of me wants to give it to her at the beginning of December so we make plenty of use out of it over the period.

This is good for the older toddler.. I'd like to get this for Darcy, I feel like she could be the right age to have fun with this.

This is a great babies stocking filler, babies just like old school simple balls to play with and these ones are sensory which is great! I got these for Darcy last year.. so simple and she loved them.

This again is a great puzzle for the older toddler and educational too which is a bonus!

This for me has to be in everyones stocking! Traditional chocolate coins are a winner, i'm going to pop some white chocolate ones in Darcys.

I bought these for Darcy a couple of months ago but thought they'd be a great stocking filler. She's used them a couple of times now and they are great that they wipe off so easily. Whilst I had to throw ours away as they were sat on the side of the bath and went a bit funny, if they're stored correctly they're fine.

This is a cute one that I thought I would include. Just a simple colouring book, gonna pop this in Darcy's.

This is a great sensory toy which I can imagine all babies/toddlers would love. Plus they're spikey too which is great for touchy-feely play.

As I said at the beginning babas love Peppa and they also love noise! So two things in one here! 

This one is on the pricey side and possibly shouldn't be on the stocking filler guide. This is a really special gift as you can get babies name on it. I feel Darcy is a little old for this, but wish I had bought it when she was younger.

This isn't exactly the same as on the picture because I couldn't find this one in the end but similar. Gingerbread house kit, and a lovely idea to do together perhaps something that could be given on Christmas eve to do.

A really easy stocking filler that they are bound to love. Cheap and cheerful and lots of fun. Got these for Darcy's stocking already.

So there we have it, what will you be putting in your little ones stockings? I'd love to get some more ideas.
Thanks for reading 

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