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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Five Things I'd Have In My Dreamhome

Generally in life we all have dreams and aspirations, one of those in particular is definitely for me regarding the home. I know exactly how I'd want my dream home to look, and to be honest as I am currently a tenant rather than a home owner it certainly isn't the house I am living in.

There are a few things that would be high up there that would have to featured somewhere in my dream house.

1. An island in my kitchen.. weird I know right but I just don't think there is anything worse than not enough work space in your kitchen. I barely have enough room to chop vegetables with all the appliances in kitchens these days! Also they look super stylish and just generally kitchen goals.

2. Skylight windows.. again another weird one, in fact I think I am just going to stop saying that as I expect all of these are going to be different to perhaps the usual dreams i.e.. swimming pool. (I've always been a realistic dreamer ;) ) anyway yes, I'd like skylight windows as I just love how much light they bring in, especially if there were to be one in Darcy's room. As well as this the company VELUX offer some beautiful blinds that I'd want in her room, I find the standard blackout blinds Darcy has in her room currently are a real problem in the way that they are not actually blackout blinds and shine all the light in her room in the morning meaning that we getting woken up as soon as the sun rises every day, more of problem in the summer though! One of these VELUX Blinds would definitely be on Darcys window, I love that they do a Disney collections, they are so cute. 

3.Walk-in Wardrobe.. Ok so here is where I become semi-unrealistic... well it's not completely unrealistic is it?! I've always said that if I moved into a house with an en-suite and obviously owned the property I'd convert it into a wardrobe. I've just always dreamed of it.. It's definitely my goal one day to have one!

4. An Open Fireplace.. This isn't a dream for a lot of people as a lot of people already have them, I can only just imagine how amazing this would be on cold winter nights burning proper logs, none of this fake stuff! I just have this picture in my head being all cosy with hot chocolates and blankets. aahh sounds like bliss! 

An old photo of us :)

5. Love.. simple. I want to come back to my dream home after a day and just hear laughter and a whole lotta love! I want my children to be happy in our dream home and fill it with many memories. I think you can buy it all but you can't buy love :)

What would be in your dream home?
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*This is a Collaborative post with VELUX*

Thursday, 15 December 2016

My Favourite Christmas Films

With Christmas now in full swing, I thought I'd tell you my favourite Christmas films. I haven't got round to watching many classics this year apart from The Grinch and a couple of new Christmas films but these are my all-time favourites.

This film is absolutely hilarious, and it still makes me laugh every time. I definitely need to watch it before Christmas as it gets me in the Christmas spirit.

Bad Santa
This one is a little naughty, I have even seen Bad Santa 2 yet but I need too. Possibly not one to watch with the young ones or your Grandma. But definitely up there with the funniest, and it takes you on a journey with the main character too.

The Grinch
I've always loved The Grinch and I remember when it first came out when I was in Florida. It makes me feel so Christmassy, I just love the dog in this film and Cindy Lou. Her hair is just amazing. Such a classic must-watch film.

The Holiday
One of the best rom-coms, it has everything you're're going to feel all of the emosh's and also I feel like this film you can watch all year round because it doesn't shove Christmas in your face.

Santa Claus 2 
This is very specific, because I guess you're thinking 'why Santa Claus 2' well.. I always used to watch this film when I was younger and I just loved it, I haven't seen it in a couple of years but it is always that film I class as one of my favourite Christmas film just because of the childhood memories.

Love Actually
There isn't a lot to say about this film because this is possibly my absolute faaave! Like The Holiday this has a bit of everything and the actresses and actors in this are like high budget, it's always a good treat watching this.

Christmas With The Kranks 
I've loved this film since the moment I started watching it.. it's so funny and again has the actor from Santa Claus films so I knew I was on to a winner. If you're watching a comedy Christmas film then definitely give this a watch.

Have I missed any?  What are your favourite Christmas films?
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Sunday, 11 December 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

It's not very often these days that I get to buy anything for myself. All my money seems to go on Darcy! I suppose that is what happens. When Christmas started coming round I began think about what I was dreaming of apart from pigs in blankets, family and cosyness.

I put together a cute little wishlist.. might give you some ideas for family too.

Lumee Case £44.99

I've wanted this for really long time after hearing this is what the Kardashians use, and who doesn't want what they've got! It looks like it gives really good lighting for a fab selfie. Anything to look better. lol.

Hurrah For Gin by Katie Kirby £3.99

This book sounds hilarious and after reading The Unmumsy Mum's book I want to really more reality. It's one of those things where you buy and parenting book and it's so sugarcoated. It's so refreshing to read something realistic!

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes £20.00

I read her first book Pretty Honest and I really enjoyed it.. think I read it in a week and I never read that fast! I think my partner is getting me this so I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Converse Metallic Pale Pink Ox Trainers £47.00

Ah I love these! My little girl had some rose gold/copper converse and I so wanted them to do adult versions. Well they made some pretty close!

Lightup Message Box £14.99

I've seen a few people with these and I want to join the bandwagon! They look good on flat lays and blog pictures ect. They're cool to have as an ornament too.

Jack Wills Pyjamas Leggings £29.50

I really want some new pyjama bottoms and I already have some Jack Wills ones but they're wearing out a bit so I'd like some new ones, and I already know these are very cosy, I like the print too.

Tom Ford Black Eyeliner £43.00

This one is very pricey but it is without a doubt the best eye-liner I have ever used and I've almost out of the one I've got.

Selfish Mother Winging It Jumper £45.00

I love this, I expect the fabric would be lovely and soft, and I really like the slogan too, it's like my live by slogan.

 Dior Show Mascara £22.95

I had this mascara years ago.. and it's always that mascara I remember being amazing. I think most high street ones do the same job but it would be nice having a luxurious one again with lots of volume.

Silver Turquoise Necklace £28

This is a really pretty necklace I saw on Oliver Bonas (which by the way can we just talk about how amazing that shop is!!!!) I would never usually go for anything like this and certainly wouldn't buy it for myself so what a perfect time to ask for jewellery.

Macbook Pro £1449.00

This is a cheeky one and probably won't ever have one, but this would be so handy as my laptop is getting old now. They are so sleek and pretty too. I'd lurrrrrrrve one!

What's on your Christmas Lists this year?
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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Gift Guide: Family Edition

Sometimes I think that the best presents can be the ones you can share with your family, I know in the past when I have had presents.. the most memorable ones were the ones that were experiences or days out. Today I thought I'd do another Gift Guide: Family Edition. Hope this gives somebody a few ideas.

This is a fun one, Merlin owns loads of attractions in the country for example..Alton Towers, Thorpe Park,  London Dungeon, Blackpool Pleaure Beach are to name a few. So a pass for the family would be a really decent thing, plenty of days out to enjoy. The most expensive VIP Pass is £599 for a family.. I know what you're thinking thats bloody expensive! But if you think 1 adult to get in to Alton towers is roughly nearly £50 think how much a day there would cost and then work that one out planning on how many times a year you'd visit these places.. So I definitely think it's an investment. I love theme parks so this would definitely be something worth considering.

I've heard loads of good things about Red Letter days. Basically they're a experience company so if you wanted to get anything from a hot air balloon ride all the way to an afternoon tea. This would be your place. They have so many cool gifts and pretty reasonable prices too. A few I like are the supercar driving (aston martin), spa breaks, flying lessons (definitely something I'd like to try!!) This would a great gift especially if you can get everyone involved with the gift.

This is a gift I know I'd love to receive, if you know someone who would love to see something in particular then what a great evening/day out! Or you can buy vouchers and they can choose themselves, especially when you can choose from musicals, concerts, festivals ect. Music brings everyone closer and all that. hehe.

I'm new to this one after only recently being introduced to it. This sounds like the perfect day out, so if you want to go on a walk somewhere, Treasure Trails have self-guided hunts all over the country, there are simply a few questions and you've got to solve the clues. It sounds like the perfect day out as I love family walks.. but sometimes I've always felt like they need jazzing up a little bit and finally someone has done it. Can't wait to try this out.

Have you any other ideas of Family gifts or have you recently purchased one?
Thanks for reading
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