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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Five Things I'd Have In My Dreamhome

Generally in life we all have dreams and aspirations, one of those in particular is definitely for me regarding the home. I know exactly how I'd want my dream home to look, and to be honest as I am currently a tenant rather than a home owner it certainly isn't the house I am living in.

There are a few things that would be high up there that would have to featured somewhere in my dream house.

1. An island in my kitchen.. weird I know right but I just don't think there is anything worse than not enough work space in your kitchen. I barely have enough room to chop vegetables with all the appliances in kitchens these days! Also they look super stylish and just generally kitchen goals.

2. Skylight windows.. again another weird one, in fact I think I am just going to stop saying that as I expect all of these are going to be different to perhaps the usual dreams i.e.. swimming pool. (I've always been a realistic dreamer ;) ) anyway yes, I'd like skylight windows as I just love how much light they bring in, especially if there were to be one in Darcy's room. As well as this the company VELUX offer some beautiful blinds that I'd want in her room, I find the standard blackout blinds Darcy has in her room currently are a real problem in the way that they are not actually blackout blinds and shine all the light in her room in the morning meaning that we getting woken up as soon as the sun rises every day, more of problem in the summer though! One of these VELUX Blinds would definitely be on Darcys window, I love that they do a Disney collections, they are so cute. 

3.Walk-in Wardrobe.. Ok so here is where I become semi-unrealistic... well it's not completely unrealistic is it?! I've always said that if I moved into a house with an en-suite and obviously owned the property I'd convert it into a wardrobe. I've just always dreamed of it.. It's definitely my goal one day to have one!

4. An Open Fireplace.. This isn't a dream for a lot of people as a lot of people already have them, I can only just imagine how amazing this would be on cold winter nights burning proper logs, none of this fake stuff! I just have this picture in my head being all cosy with hot chocolates and blankets. aahh sounds like bliss! 

An old photo of us :)

5. Love.. simple. I want to come back to my dream home after a day and just hear laughter and a whole lotta love! I want my children to be happy in our dream home and fill it with many memories. I think you can buy it all but you can't buy love :)

What would be in your dream home?
Thanks for reading

*This is a Collaborative post with VELUX*

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