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Friday, 13 January 2017

Life Update

Didn't really know what to call this post, life update sounds a bit too serious! I couldn't think of anything else. Basically just wanted to sit down and write about a few things that are going on as I know I haven't written a post in a couple of weeks. The consistant blogging is going reeeeally well! ha.

Not been too well over Christmas, we've all had the flu and Darcy has had such a bad cough, it's been so terrible at night. We all got better and then me & Paul got sinusitis. Just coming to the end of that now, but man is it hard to look after an energetic 18 month old when you're so poorly! Glad I had it though and not her. 

With this weather I've been finding it really hard to find things to do with Darcy. She has a lot of energy to burn now days but as she's just gotten over being ill, I don't like to keep outdoors for too long of a time and especially with all this rain. I wish it would just snow or be warm. Anything in between is just no good when you have a little one!

I've been making bows and have even set up an Etsy shop! I'm really enjoying making them and find it such a nice therapeutic thing to do in the evenings even if no one wants to buy them! The reason behind it was that I was seeing so many of these beautiful bows on Instagram and thought to myself I could do that! I taught myself by watching a few youtube videos and bought the supplies.. They are super easy. Check out my Etsy page here I'll be adding some more soon. Hoping to get some easter fabric in to create seasonal bows! I can add them on to a headband or a clip.

Also going to set up a Youtube channel. I used to do it but I watch them back and they are so cringe, I am not a natural when it comes to talking to the camera but I'd really like to give it another go. I just think why not! Another reason as to why I'd like to set one up is that I've been videoing Darcy since she was born and the early videos were all added to icloud but unfortunately they aren't playing anymore, not sure what I am doing wrong but could be the internet connection.. Anyway, I just think that adding videos to Youtube to be able to watch back videos would be so much easier, so on there i'm going to be vlogging and what not.

Will add my Youtube Channel on here soon though.
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