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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

5 Products I Use On A 'Minimal-Makeup-Mummy-Day'

Some days I just really can't be bothered to put any makeup on whats so ever, particularly Sundays, but there really is days where I have to try and make a little bit of effort for my own sanity especially when the great wide world is going to see me!

I thought i'd show you a few products that I use on a low-key mum day.

I love this concealer it has amazing coverage and completely trusty to keep those eye circles trapped away all day long. The thing I like about this also is that it doesn't highlight areas like some it just hides them which is perfect because no one wants highlighted under eye circles now do they..

You're probably thinking why do you use 2 concealers.. well like I said with the previous product that MAC Concealer doesn't highlight isn't to say that I don't like a concealer that highlights. This concealer is great to cover up any blemishes which I have around my cheek area. Hence why it isn't always neccessary to put foundation on.

This is honestly one of the best highlighters i've ever had and is always my go to to make me look a little healthier! I've repurchased this probably about 3 times and would continue to do so.

If you ever asked me the question of 'if you were on desert island and would only be able to take one makeup item, what would it be? It would be this alllll dayyyy everyyyy dayyy! It's only in the last couple of year i've loved brow products and I just couldn't live without it now, this is a great one because it looks so natural, not harsh at all! Even if you have no makeup on I feel like adding something to your brows really shapes your face and makes you look 100x better.

Mascara has always been a holygrail beauty product for me, I received this mascara for Christmas after having it a few years back. It's such an amazing product and helps give your lengthy and dramatic lashes.

What are your favourite products to put on low-key kinda day?
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  1. I usually only go with foundation, a bit of contour, brows pencil and a bit of mascara. I love the sound of this eyebrows get by mac. Definitely something I need to try!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Yeah some days theres no need for much makeup! Yeah the gel is definitely the best brow product I've tried and i've tried alot! x


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