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Friday, 7 April 2017

Loneliness As A Mum

Today  I thought I would talk a bit about something that has bothered me for a little while, Darcy is now 21 months old and I've only come to truly realised how isolating and lonely motherhood can sometimes be, I know I've always felt lonely really since she was born but didn't really understand why. Even today, I still don't fully understand how I can spend so much time with somebody yet feel so lonely. I think sometimes I just need another adult to talk to, Paul works 5 days a week as well as sometimes weekends, which means some weeks I can be without another adult for 7 days. He is out the door at 6am and not home till 6pm which is when we all absolutely knackered. It can sometimes be daunting when you're not the most sociable person in the world. I've always been the 'quiet and shy' girl and I've always wished I wasn't, i'm terrible for pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

As much I love spending so much time with Darcy and I am so grateful that I am able to, I think I just crave adult conversation. I have this feeling where I'm an inconvenience if I ever do ask somebody to meet up which I realise is ridiculous and something that need to shake off. It's weird though, isn't it.. you spend all your hours with somebody and yet you can feel like the loneliest person in the world. I know this isn't an uncommon feeling and I am not the first person to ever feel like this and a similar blog post is on the internet 1000 times already blah blah but I really feel like it's quite therapeutic to talk about your feelings sometimes especially when you know there are people feeling the same.
When you have a child, you do loose a bit of yourself and i'm feeling like I certainly did, however I wouldn't change having Darcy for the world, I cannot remember my life before I had her really.
I do work 2 days a week and on these days I don't feel lonely.
I know this whole blog post must sound like I'm just moaning and whilst feeling lonely isn't the most pleasant feeling I don't always think about it and I know that before I know it Darcy will be off to school and I must appreciate every moment we spend together now.

Does anybody else feel like this? 
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