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Thursday, 16 February 2017

5 Thoughts I've Had At Soft Play


Yesterday, I went to a soft play centre near to where I live. I'm never really a fan of soft play anyway, however what I do like is being able to sit down whilst little one is distracted and happy for an hour or so. It may not be a quiet hour but it sometimes can be if you don't go in half term like I did!

Here are a few thoughts I had yesterday:

1. Why the eff do you they put rides in there, you know the ones they put in arcades. My little girl doesn't care about soft play. She's trying to get more money out of me to put in the ride so then she can scream and have a tantrum when it stops. They're so unnecessary! Especially when there is already so much to do in there!

2. Why do kids much much older than 4 go in the Under 4's play area. Your area is way better than the little peoples so why would you want to go in! I think my 19 month old got knocked over at least 6 or 7 times by people twice her age.

3. That the sign Children must be supervised at all times goes out the window which kinda carries on from the last point I made. Kids climbing up the slides when other kids are trying to go down them, and like I said Kids going in the under 4's area when they are clearly fair over. It's total carnage!

4. They smell like poo and are filthy. I don't know whether this is just my local soft play but I've definitely come to the conclusion that they are filthy sticking germ riddled places. The amount of kids that smell like they need there nappy changing too!

5. Going home.. this is like the ultimate tantrum trigger when you announce that it is time to leave.. and then it leaves you thinking 'was it even worth coming to this place'.

Obviously, Darcy loves soft play and this is the main and most important thing. I do try and force myself to take her once a fortnight. I just bleeding hate the place though!

What are your thoughts on soft play centres? Do you hate them as much as me?!

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