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Friday, 17 March 2017

Mothers Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Most Types Of Mums

With Mothers Day fast approaching I decided to put together a little gift guide. I tried to put as varied of bits as possible as sometimes I look at gift guides and think my Mum wouldn't like any of this.. as we all know all Mums are different.
As a Mum myself now, I did obviously include a few bits that I wouldn't mind as a gift ;)

As a massssssive Vivienne Westwood fan I just knew I'd like this scent. Not only does it smell gorgeous (do give it a sniff next time you're in a perfume shop) the bottle is super pretty and one I'd like on my perfume shelf.

What better way to tell your mum that you love and appreciate everything she does than with a bottle of Prosecco. I know in my eyes it would be the perfect gift to receive.

Sometimes the best gifts are ones you just do together, this is why Red Letter Days are great for this sort of stuff and what a lovely afternoon to be spent eating delicious sandwiches, scones, cakes and tea with your mum!

I do love a beautiful bunch of flowers and these ones on the Debenhams website are beeeeautiful. They're delivered to your door and you can even add a message, I just think that is really special.

I was kindly sent these from Amara and they're the most beautiful earrings, much more beautiful in real life too, they're dainty and a gorgeous rose gold which I'm a sucker for anyway. Jewellery is so personal too but I know these would be a popular choice amongst mums out there as they're simple yet classy. Below is closer photo.

I've mentioned in a recent blog post that I loved the first book and as I've just finished it, i'd love to read the second this one is a diary which I expect is just as hilarious as the first!

I'd imagine that these are very motivational in getting you to get fit. Whilst I haven't researched too much into this and myself don't think i'd personally want one, I know plenty of people out there that would find this useful. One being my mum and I have looked into perhaps purchasing one for her at some point.

I've loved these jumpers for a really long time now (pretty sure they were in my Christmas gift guide) and not only do I love the slogan and live by it every single day, they look soooooo comfy too. I really like slouchy jumpers like this. Hopefully I'll have one soon.

My mum loves Flamingos so when I saw these I just knew I needed to add these to my gift guide. They are so pretty! They look really stylish too.

I've never had these before but I've heard they are delicious and I can imagine so, anything with Champagne in.. well I am sold! They are pricey for a box of only a handful of chocolates but I can't comment until i've tried them can I! The more reason to have them..hintity hint hint.

Again, I was lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous cushion, It brings a pop of colour to my not so colourful and slightly dull bedroom which I am really pleased about. I really like the floral print too as it brings a bit of femininity to the house. Below is a closer picture.

This is another great product for the more techno mums out there, this is great if you want to discover Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. Now days there really isn't much choice on TV, so I know i'd find this very useful.

13. This Mum Can Print

I love a motivational quote but i really love a Mum motivational quote.. Sometimes there is nothing better than reading something that insprires you every day. This would be perfect for mums like that out there.

What are you giving your mums this Mothers Day?
Don't Forget 26th March!!!! 
Thanks for reading 


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Darcy & My Day Out To Puxton Park | Review

Now I know I said day out here however we were only here about 3 hours so more if a morning out. On a grey old Monday we decided we weren't going to let the weather beat us and we were going to have a little adventure to Puxton Park in Somerset. It isn't too far from where we live only about 40 mins away, so the perfect distance. We had never actually been here before but I had heard good things about it especially for little children. It's been voted the No.1 attraction in Somerset so I did think it's gotta be pretty good!
We arrived around 10.30am, it wasn't too busy which I was quite glad about, there's nothing worse than a crazy busy place like this. It cost me £7.90 to get in as Darcy was free being under 2, which I didn't think was too bad at all. The price does increase in the summer period which is understandable.
The only thing I would say is if you're bring a child over to the price rises to 8.90 it's more than an adult as the park is essentially for them however I can't help but think this is very steep!
As soon as we arrived we went straight to soft play, as you can see in the pictures Darcy absolutely loved it in there. As I said before, it was quiet today which I can imagine if you went in here on a busy day it would chaos, as all soft plays are. Darcy only went in the little peoples area but I know she wanted to explore the over 4's area. 
After this we decided to go and explore the other bits of the park and take a little walk, there is certainly plenty to do here and we would of stayed longer had it been slightly warmer, I'd definitely say it is an all weather park though. We unfortunely didn't explore everything and everywhere in the park as some of the stuff is for warmer weather, we did go along to the animal barn and they have some lovely animals and they all look very well looked after. We were lucky enough to see the baby lambs and they were being fed at the time, super cute! After cooing over all the cute animals we came out at the right time as the park train was arriving so we jumped on and had a ride which Darcy loved! The adventure playgrounds looked really good fun too.
After walking round the park a couple of times and seeing what it had to offer we finished off back in the soft play for a little while longer and then took a bite to eat in the Meadows Restaurant which was really nice, Darcy had a kids lunchbox, which one thing I'd say is there could be healthier options as I felt like it was all junk food.

Overall though we had a lovely morning out and would defintely go again. Perfect for children under 5 I'd say!
Have you ever been to Puxton Park? What did you think?
Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Darcy & My Favourite Books At The Moment

So a few days ago it was World Book Day.. I'm sure most of you already know that what with all the pictures of little ones in their costumes around! I cannot wait to be doing that with Darcy *squeeeee*.

I thought to carry on the theme I would write about mine & Darcys favourite books right now. I'm very lucky that Darcy absolutely loves her books and there really is nothing better than snuggling down and reading to her.

At the moment she has a couple of favourites, to be honest anything with Peppa Pig on the front are always going to be up there, however this one is a touch and feel one which she really enjoys. We picked it up when she pointed it out in Asda the other day and it was super cheap £3.99 I think which I think is pretty good.

Another one of her favourites right and I think this is partly down to the way I read it and the silly voices I do is 'The Gruffalo' I'm sure you've heard of this as it is very popular. I love the illustrations in this book and I love how it will be a classic when she is older, it's just one of those books you're going to remember.

Now on to my faaaaves at the moment, neither of which I have actually quite finished yet, currently in the process of reading them at the moment which isn't all that easy when you're running around after a little one most of the time!

First off is Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes. I read her previous book Pretty Honest and I absolutely loved it so when I knew she was bringing out this book I wanted it. I decided to ask for it for Christmas, I love reading about products I have tried and learning more about them and also adding products to my wishlist for the ones I haven't, a pretty interesting read!

Finally, I have almost finished The Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner. This book is absolutely hilarious and literally says the things most mums are literally thinking! I'm going to be sad when it's over but she has just brought out The Unmumsy Mum Diaries sooooo that'll go on my Mothers Day wishlist! hehe.

What are your favourite books at the moment!? 
Thanks for reading.

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