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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Darcy & My Favourite Books At The Moment

So a few days ago it was World Book Day.. I'm sure most of you already know that what with all the pictures of little ones in their costumes around! I cannot wait to be doing that with Darcy *squeeeee*.

I thought to carry on the theme I would write about mine & Darcys favourite books right now. I'm very lucky that Darcy absolutely loves her books and there really is nothing better than snuggling down and reading to her.

At the moment she has a couple of favourites, to be honest anything with Peppa Pig on the front are always going to be up there, however this one is a touch and feel one which she really enjoys. We picked it up when she pointed it out in Asda the other day and it was super cheap £3.99 I think which I think is pretty good.

Another one of her favourites right and I think this is partly down to the way I read it and the silly voices I do is 'The Gruffalo' I'm sure you've heard of this as it is very popular. I love the illustrations in this book and I love how it will be a classic when she is older, it's just one of those books you're going to remember.

Now on to my faaaaves at the moment, neither of which I have actually quite finished yet, currently in the process of reading them at the moment which isn't all that easy when you're running around after a little one most of the time!

First off is Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes. I read her previous book Pretty Honest and I absolutely loved it so when I knew she was bringing out this book I wanted it. I decided to ask for it for Christmas, I love reading about products I have tried and learning more about them and also adding products to my wishlist for the ones I haven't, a pretty interesting read!

Finally, I have almost finished The Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner. This book is absolutely hilarious and literally says the things most mums are literally thinking! I'm going to be sad when it's over but she has just brought out The Unmumsy Mum Diaries sooooo that'll go on my Mothers Day wishlist! hehe.

What are your favourite books at the moment!? 
Thanks for reading.


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