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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Gender Stereotyping

Ever since Darcy was able to interact with toys I have always encouraged her to play with all sorts of different toys from baby dolls to train sets. She even owns a train set herself, she also enjoys playing with toy cars as much as she does dolls and it may seem sometimes she would rather play with what is stereotyped to be a 'boys toy' more so than a 'girls toy'. I've always tried to stay away from 'the dress her from head to toe in pink' even when she was born which I think she has been called a boy more times than she has been called a girl but thats a whole other topic right there! Although I do always remember a time that I did dress her in a tutu which in hindsight probably looked ridiculous on 3 month old baby and she still got called a boy by an elderly lady! Besides anyway Darcy really suits yellow we have now discovered.

Even if I ever have a boy I would never discourage him from playing with dollies because one day that could potentially play a big part in him becoming such an amazing daddy and I'd love to think it was down to that! Darcy loves to to climb, explore and get mucky so who am I to tell her to stop, it's wonderful that she is so eager to learn.

I think that there needs to be more encouragement in the world for this. You see adverts on television with boys playing with cars and lego and girls playing with dollies. Why can't girls play with cars and lego too.

Recently Darcy has discovered a love and passion for all things pirate, I saw a dressing up costume in Asda the other day and she absolutely loves it. Now, traditionally Pirates are a boys thing too but I really hope one day they won't be.

I suppose you're wondering where I am actually going with this post and I think that I am too.. I think I just wanted to say why am I still seeing things advertised as boy/girl toys as we are in the 21st century.

What are your opinions on this? I'd love to hear your thoughts?
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Friday, 21 April 2017

Mummy & Darcy's Friday Favourites #1


Today I thought I would set up a new series of every Friday posting what me and my 22 month old little girl have been loving this week.
The reason that I even set up this blog in the beginning was to talk about all the things that I am hugely passionate about which was at the time beauty, however whilst time has changed and different things have happened in my life, this blog has subsequently changed but I really want to bring this element back.

So, here are a few things we have been loving this week:


Her slide.. on good Friday I woke up after my legs had been used as a slide for many months now and decided to go out and buy one as it was getting slightly annoying.. can I say that? ha ha. As soon as it was put together (which was very easy to do, might I add) she was on it and playing with it for a couple of hours which in toddler world is a rreeeeallly long time actually! They have the attention span of well... a very short attention span anyway. She has been on it everyday since throwing all her toys down it too.

Ice Cream.. Darcy has been loooooving Ice Cream, not sure if its the fact she can say the word Ice Cream though but she loves it, any type will do she isn't fussy! The only problem here though is that she keeps running to the freezer to ask for it, which obviously isn't ideal when its only half an hour until dinner time!!

Bing.. so Darcy has this robotic type of toy called Bing.. you know the one off of Cbeebies. Well, anyway it talks, walks and she just loves him, he provides hours of giggles and at full price it is £40 we got him in a amazing pretty much brand new condition for £5 at a car boot sale! I do love a bargain!

Easter Eggs.. Wellllll this one was obviously going to come wasn't it. Seeing as last Sunday was Easter Sunday Darcy received a scary amount of eggs from family and they are being stored somewhere where she can't access so that she gets them very gradually. Also it's great because I can help her eat them too! Ha.


Skincare.. I have a new found love for skincare, I've been guilty for not being too great at not only forgetting to take my makeup off some nights but also looking after my skin altogether. Well these last couple of weeks I have been getting it in to my routine every night and been feeling so refreshed. I'd like to do a skincare routine here on my blog at some point.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Pencil.. I recently went to London for the day with my mum, sister and niece and whilst I was there I went to the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges. I wanted to get something that wasn't an eyeshadow pallette or a lipstick and I came across this gorgeous purpley eye pencil which I have been wearing pretty much most days since. It really suits my brown eyes, I'm usually a  girl that goes for standard black eyeliner so it is great that something different actually suits me! 

Strawberry Laces (Fizzy ones, actually, any!).. Yeah I am such a sucker for sugary sweets and at the moment theses are my favourite. I love laces the only thing is that they make me feel hugely crappy and bloated afterwards, but they're good the time, right!?

Holidayyyy (Annual Leave).. Yay I am currently off work for almost two weeks which is definitely a massive thumbs up from me. We aren't going anywhere but I decided I didn't want to work on my birthday.. so just extra time with my gorgeous little girlie.

What are you loving currently?
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Our Easter 2017

Whilst we aren't religious or really celebrate Easter for religious reasons I do enjoy the Easter holiday and bank holidays itself and really like getting Darcy into the whole 'Easter Bunny' and 'Easter Egg' fun.

I know that some people buy there children presents ect but I don't want Darcy to think it's another Christmas because, well, quite simply I couldn't afford another Christmas so I decided to buy her an Easter basket and fill it with Easter treats such as an Easter Peppa Pig book, a light, a snowglobe, a bunny.. This cost me no more than £12 to buy.

From family such as Grandparents she received a little pocket money and some chocolate. The problem is how do you give the chocolate out gradually??!! She knows its there.. it's just keeping her away from it that is the problem.

We went to my mums for a little buffet lunch and an Easter Egg hunt which she really enjoyed.. and really got stuck in to.
We had a great day and I just love now that she is at an age where she's beginning to understand these special days. 
What did you do at Easter?
Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

8 Things To Do In The South-West With Toddlers

Now that the weather has been getting warmer, i've wanted to get out and about more with Darcy and she has too. The park is alright now and again but it can get reeeeally boring in time... for me anyway, ha. Over time and research i've found a few places now which are perfect for a day out and just an outing with your little ones.

I recently did a blog post about our day out which you can read here if you want to know more.. Puxton Park is not far from Weston-Super-Mare. It's perfect for ages 0-6 years I would say. Admission Fees are reasonable so it's great for them to let off some steam as there is plenty to see and do. Lots of animals too!

Why not take a trip on a steam train. This is exciting for kiddies and you can take them to the beach. It's a traditional train too and something totally different.

I've not taken Darcy here yet but I have been myself a few years ago when I was younger and I loved it. I've not taken Darcy here yet as I wasn't sure if it was suitable for her age but research shows that there is a lot more to do there for toddlers and they just love being little experimenters anyway don't they.

We went here last year on my birthday.. and we had a fantastic day out. This is probably one of my favourite zoos as the animals are so well looked after and it's quite big too so it actually does take up a full day out.

I've not been here yet but it is on my bucket list of places to visit, i've seen a few blog post on sea life adventure park and lots of great things have been said. Some aquariums can be really boring or you can get around them really quickly considering the amount you've just paid to get in, so this looks like a great place to go with a different spin on it.

Now if you're a member of the National Trust which we are then there are so many places to go all over the country. Dunster Castle is just one of many! It's a great place to go to get some energy and let toddlers run and a lovely trail too with lots of nature play.

The Beach

Just get out and go to your nearest beach. This is cheap and there is plenty to do. Penny slot machines, bucket and spades.. sometimes even a donkey ride! I'm lucky in that I have many beaches within an hours drive.

This is a free or very cheap choice.. they only ask for a donation. Little ones can go and look at all the beautiful donkeys and see how they are looked after.

Where do you like to visit locally? I'd love to hear about new places to visit no matter where it is in the country...

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Loneliness As A Mum

Today  I thought I would talk a bit about something that has bothered me for a little while, Darcy is now 21 months old and I've only come to truly realised how isolating and lonely motherhood can sometimes be, I know I've always felt lonely really since she was born but didn't really understand why. Even today, I still don't fully understand how I can spend so much time with somebody yet feel so lonely. I think sometimes I just need another adult to talk to, Paul works 5 days a week as well as sometimes weekends, which means some weeks I can be without another adult for 7 days. He is out the door at 6am and not home till 6pm which is when we all absolutely knackered. It can sometimes be daunting when you're not the most sociable person in the world. I've always been the 'quiet and shy' girl and I've always wished I wasn't, i'm terrible for pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

As much I love spending so much time with Darcy and I am so grateful that I am able to, I think I just crave adult conversation. I have this feeling where I'm an inconvenience if I ever do ask somebody to meet up which I realise is ridiculous and something that need to shake off. It's weird though, isn't it.. you spend all your hours with somebody and yet you can feel like the loneliest person in the world. I know this isn't an uncommon feeling and I am not the first person to ever feel like this and a similar blog post is on the internet 1000 times already blah blah but I really feel like it's quite therapeutic to talk about your feelings sometimes especially when you know there are people feeling the same.
When you have a child, you do loose a bit of yourself and i'm feeling like I certainly did, however I wouldn't change having Darcy for the world, I cannot remember my life before I had her really.
I do work 2 days a week and on these days I don't feel lonely.
I know this whole blog post must sound like I'm just moaning and whilst feeling lonely isn't the most pleasant feeling I don't always think about it and I know that before I know it Darcy will be off to school and I must appreciate every moment we spend together now.

Does anybody else feel like this? 
Thanks for reading
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