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Friday, 21 April 2017

Mummy & Darcy's Friday Favourites #1


Today I thought I would set up a new series of every Friday posting what me and my 22 month old little girl have been loving this week.
The reason that I even set up this blog in the beginning was to talk about all the things that I am hugely passionate about which was at the time beauty, however whilst time has changed and different things have happened in my life, this blog has subsequently changed but I really want to bring this element back.

So, here are a few things we have been loving this week:


Her slide.. on good Friday I woke up after my legs had been used as a slide for many months now and decided to go out and buy one as it was getting slightly annoying.. can I say that? ha ha. As soon as it was put together (which was very easy to do, might I add) she was on it and playing with it for a couple of hours which in toddler world is a rreeeeallly long time actually! They have the attention span of well... a very short attention span anyway. She has been on it everyday since throwing all her toys down it too.

Ice Cream.. Darcy has been loooooving Ice Cream, not sure if its the fact she can say the word Ice Cream though but she loves it, any type will do she isn't fussy! The only problem here though is that she keeps running to the freezer to ask for it, which obviously isn't ideal when its only half an hour until dinner time!!

Bing.. so Darcy has this robotic type of toy called Bing.. you know the one off of Cbeebies. Well, anyway it talks, walks and she just loves him, he provides hours of giggles and at full price it is £40 we got him in a amazing pretty much brand new condition for £5 at a car boot sale! I do love a bargain!

Easter Eggs.. Wellllll this one was obviously going to come wasn't it. Seeing as last Sunday was Easter Sunday Darcy received a scary amount of eggs from family and they are being stored somewhere where she can't access so that she gets them very gradually. Also it's great because I can help her eat them too! Ha.


Skincare.. I have a new found love for skincare, I've been guilty for not being too great at not only forgetting to take my makeup off some nights but also looking after my skin altogether. Well these last couple of weeks I have been getting it in to my routine every night and been feeling so refreshed. I'd like to do a skincare routine here on my blog at some point.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Pencil.. I recently went to London for the day with my mum, sister and niece and whilst I was there I went to the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges. I wanted to get something that wasn't an eyeshadow pallette or a lipstick and I came across this gorgeous purpley eye pencil which I have been wearing pretty much most days since. It really suits my brown eyes, I'm usually a  girl that goes for standard black eyeliner so it is great that something different actually suits me! 

Strawberry Laces (Fizzy ones, actually, any!).. Yeah I am such a sucker for sugary sweets and at the moment theses are my favourite. I love laces the only thing is that they make me feel hugely crappy and bloated afterwards, but they're good the time, right!?

Holidayyyy (Annual Leave).. Yay I am currently off work for almost two weeks which is definitely a massive thumbs up from me. We aren't going anywhere but I decided I didn't want to work on my birthday.. so just extra time with my gorgeous little girlie.

What are you loving currently?
Thanks for reading 


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