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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Our Easter 2017

Whilst we aren't religious or really celebrate Easter for religious reasons I do enjoy the Easter holiday and bank holidays itself and really like getting Darcy into the whole 'Easter Bunny' and 'Easter Egg' fun.

I know that some people buy there children presents ect but I don't want Darcy to think it's another Christmas because, well, quite simply I couldn't afford another Christmas so I decided to buy her an Easter basket and fill it with Easter treats such as an Easter Peppa Pig book, a light, a snowglobe, a bunny.. This cost me no more than £12 to buy.

From family such as Grandparents she received a little pocket money and some chocolate. The problem is how do you give the chocolate out gradually??!! She knows its there.. it's just keeping her away from it that is the problem.

We went to my mums for a little buffet lunch and an Easter Egg hunt which she really enjoyed.. and really got stuck in to.
We had a great day and I just love now that she is at an age where she's beginning to understand these special days. 
What did you do at Easter?
Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.


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