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Friday, 30 June 2017

2 Year Update | Darcy

I say this in every single update post and you can probably guess what I am about to say is my baby two! :( It makes me feel very sad how quickly time is escaping away from me. However, I do feel very proud of the happy little girl she is growing in to. I expect you'd really think I'd be broody by now. But... I am not, ha. Far from it in fact. 
Darcy doodle turned two last week so I thought I would write her two year update and carry on the little tradition of it all. Her cheeky little personality is coming out more and more everyday and I just love the little monkey she is turning into even if she does test her boundaries a lot of the time!
She is saying lots of words now, too many to list and I think she is going to be a little chatterbox when she can properly talk. She is full pelt running around and I seriously don't know where she gets her energy from! I wish she would give me some of that stuff.
We have just began potty training and whilst I haven't gone full on in to it, I have bought a toddler toilet seat (she hates the potty, not sure why!) and just sat her on it every now and again and she has done a few wees on it so I'd say she is almost ready. I think in August when we are off for two weeks I will try and properly begin the potty training. I will write a post with an update about it all then.
She is just so excited about everything and it's lovely to see, just simple things like seeing the Grandparents, and just going out of the house basically, it's so sweet.
She really loves buses (she sings wheels on the bus every time she sees one) planes, yep this girl is crazy about planes. She also loves Swashbuckle and anything Piratey, so you could say she is a bit of a tomboy and I love it. I love the fact one day she wants to play with her dollies and the next day she will play with cars and trucks. I touched on this subject here. She is just so innocent and if she hurts herself she comes and asks me to kiss it better and then say 'all better'. It's so lovely and I will miss the day she asks me to no longer do it. She is definitely miss independent and insists on doing everything herself, but if she can't quite do something.. oh man she will kick up a fuss!
Darcy sleeps through the night roughly 7/7.30 all the way to 6.30/7, there will be the odd night where she wakes up briefly but nothing like those newborn days!
She is a little bit of a fussy eater but not with things like veggies.. ooooh no. She loves her veggies, it's funny textured things such as rice, mash potato, cous cous. I'd say there are more things that she doesn't like than there are that she does like.

Just a quick little update.. I am super proud of my little human.
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Thursday, 29 June 2017

4 Reasons Why It's Great To Date In Somerset

Somerset is a pretty quiet place and probably not somewhere you'd consider 'a good to date' kinda place, but I just wanted to talk through 4 reasons why I think Somerset is fabuuulous place to date. 

It's quiet around here:
It's not the busiest place, it doesn't have an incredibly busy city as I wouldn't say Bristol really was a busy city compared to say..London ect. However it would be somewhere I'd go if I wanted a bit of liveliness, but you really could enjoy a quiet date whether it's the theatre, a cute restaurant ect. Whilst I know the quiet life isn't for everyone, it's certainly for me!

There is a lot of variety of different dates you can have around here:
There is so much variety! Just look at my post here about 7 Dating Ideas In Somerset, honestly there is just about something for everyone whether that be the zoo, walks along the Quantocks, Mendips (something I really enjoy) would be even better if you had a dog to walk especially as a ice breaker.

There is plenty opportunites to meet someone:
The amount of times I have seen adertisements in local pubs for speed dating is crazy. I don't think I've seen so much anywhere else and I think that this is such a lighthearted and fun way to meet someone. I think just looking in the local paper you're bound to find something or even looking on your local facebook group. There is pretty much something for everytone

Online dating:
Now days I know that alot of dating is done online, whether that be facebook, Tinder, Twitter ect but I also think that another great way to meet people online is your local dating groups, a few of which I will list below:
I think that it can actually be a bit more genuine as well. If somebody has gone to the effort of finding there local dating groups then chances are they're certainly going to be genuine where as facebook and tinder unfortunately some people can be very much 'catfish'. Obviously I'd advise anyone to be careful and put measures in place to protect your safety and always meet in a public place.
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't already I hope you find your someone special soon.
Where do you love to date?
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*This post is a collaboration, however all thoughts are my own*

Friday, 16 June 2017

7 Dating Ideas In Somerset

Whether it is your first date or you've been with your partner for years, dating is so important!

I know myself that whilst I've been with Paul now for 4 years it's really crucial that we still allow ourselves to have dates even though we've got a two year old which can be proven difficult. 
Today I've put together a few ideas of some great dates that you could have in Somerset and surrounding areas. So, whether it's your first date or you've been together years they'll be something for you here. 

1. The Standard Meal With A Romantic Twist.
Perhaps you just want to go for a standard meal but with a more romantic location and setting, then I could recommend a lot of restaurants in the South West because I am a real foodie but I will narrow it down to three. 
The Greyhound is your typical just lovely country pub with a warm and cosy atmosphere inside, really nice all year round, romantic and cosy in the winter, but lovely and chilled in the summer in the beer garden. Located in a small village called Staple Fitzpaine on the outskirts of Taunton.
The Willow Tree is very romantic, it's French and the food is just divine! It's candlelit too. Perrrfect. It's located in the centre of Taunton although very hidden so I'd Google the directions first as it's a hidden treasure!
Sotto Sotto which is an Italian restaurant in Bath. It's not your usual Italian such as the likes of Prezzo and Zizzis it has something much better than that. It's Italian romance. It's super friendly and just has an amazing atmosphere. Amazingly presented food too!

2. Bristol Hippodrome.
Why not do something different and go to the theatre! There is always something on and it might be nice to see something you don't usually see. Check out what is on here. Finish off with a lovely meal after?!

3. Bowling
This is definitely a good date to break the ice! If you're feeling nervous and it is your first date well I'd say this is the place for you. A really fun date, even I'd go bowling now with my partner! This would also be good as a child-friendly date if this were to be the case. There are plenty of Bowling alleys all over the county.

4. The Zoo
This is again a great child-friendly date but if not, who needs kids to go to the zoo! It's for everyone and can again be a great ice breaker. Personally this would be my ideal first date as I looove the zoo! Bristol is great well looked after zoo and cute animals too.

5. Spa Day The Cleve Or Thermae Spa In Bath.
Why not relax together? There are plenty of Spas all over Somerset but a couple that I would reccomend are The Cleve Hotel in Wellington Somerset and also Britains only natural spa, the Thermae Spa in Bath. You can both chill out and also gives a great chance to get to know eachother.

6. The Beach
This again is another favourite of mine, just simply going to the beach can just put you at ease. It's a relaing place to have fish and chips on the beach, maybe an ice cream too. Have a go on the coin machines. Lovely.

7. Hestercombe Gardens
Take a walk through the gardens here, on a beautiful day it's gorgeous and romantic. Have a cream tea afterwards, it's bliss.There is lakes, temples and woodland walks.

Should you be looking for love? Take a look at these sites which can help you experience these gorgeous dates...

All local to us so you're bound to find someone in the area!

Is there any first dates you can recommend?
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**This post is a collaboration however all thoughts as always are my own**

Friday, 9 June 2017

5 Tips For A Smooth Transition From Cot To Bed

So, around two weeks ago now we decided to take Darcy's cot sides down and turn it in to a 'big girl bed'. This was something that Darcy was certainly ready for but me?...No not so much ha! This sounds terrible but I thought she would totally abuse the being able to get out of bed thing and be in our room constantly but actually that was a really stupid thought that really didn't need to cross my mind at all.
From the moment she first saw her bed she loved it, I bought her a duvet and cover so it felt very grown up and she is at the age where she likes to feel very independent so at this stage I was just like oh okay what was all the worrying about.

Anyway, first night in her bed and I was very nervous ha ha, and as to be expected Darcy got in to bed and around 10 minutes later I heard her door creaking and opening, she was running around upstairs for around an hour and a half which felt like a lifetime but like I said as to be expected. We've only had one night since then where she has been up and down and this has purely been down to perhaps having too late of a nap in the afternoon.
I thought I'd put together a few tips if you're thinking about making the transition from a cot to a bed.

1. Get her excited about it buy a few books.
If you feel like it possibly could be a challenge, why don't you leave it and put it off a little longer and instead buy a few books and prepare him/her properly. There are so many books out there a few I will link here.

2. Buy a new duvet or let the child choose so its all exciting.
If its for you why not make it a big thing and let him/her choose a new duvet cover as this can be really exciting for them. Especially character duvets as I have learnt!

3. Gro clock so they know when time to get up.
I haven't got one of these personally so don't know if they're amazing, however I am certainly thinking about buying one. From what I gather I assume that you set the time and it helps them understand when it's okay to wake up. I suppose it's like anything, it will work for some and not for others.

4. Make sure they're ready.
I think this is an obvious one but just make sure they're at the right age and would deal with the change well and just simple making sure they're ready.

5. Stick to routine
This is one we did, and couldn't recommend you did more. The change of a different bed can be a big thing so sticking to the same routine is only a good thing. I think without sticking to the same routine the transition wouldn't go quite as smoothly.

Was there anything you did that helped the transition go along easily?
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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Ideas For 2nd Birthday Presents

With Darcys 2nd birthday fast approaching (I just cannot believe that she will be two soon!!!) I am now starting to think about (and buy) her birthday presents. We have decided that we will be going to Peppa Pig World for the day and I have already bought her a scooter and a playhouse so I have almost basically finished. I just want to get her something to play with inside on those rainy days.

I have created a gift guide for a 2 year olds birthday however I should say that these are presents that my little girl would love and might not necessarily suit someone else's child and if you read my post on gender stereotyping you'll know I hate stereotyping girls and boys toys but I suppose I should say that they might be suited to a girl because unfortunately we live in a world where girls colour is pink and boys are blue. :(

So as you can see above these will be the  bits and bobs I am getting Darcy for her birthday or that I know family are going to buy her.

I thought this was a pretty reasonable price and Darcy is really getting in to her puzzles now and she really likes one to one activities. I must admit I enjoy doing them too..hehe. Plus she is getting something out of it.. learning!

Darcy absolutely loves babies at the moment! She has one but I wanted to get her one that makes noises and is a little more interactive.. I'll probably regret that though! Ha.

I've been wanting to get Darcy a nightlight ever since her transition to her 'big girl' bed. Plus she loveeeees anything Peppa Pig at the moment. These are quite good too as they're not too bright but still enough light to see where she is going.

This is super cute, she'll love this to use with her baby. It's so realistic too and it has a changing bag which is cool.

Like I said on the first one, Darcy is loving her puzzles at the moment and she loves Bing so i thought this would be a good puzzle to challenge her and to do as a one to one activity.

I'm not sure if Darcy would be interested with this or not, but she does like having a handbag and pretending she is going shopping so I presume she would. I'm 100% I'll get her this actually, might just save it for Christmas.

This one is something my mum is buying her for her birthday, I cannot wait for her to open this as I just know that she is going to love it. I've wanted to get her a playhouse for a little while now. This is on sale now at such a good price! 

I've already bought this and unfortunately she saw me when I bought it but I am hoping she will have forgotten! I think she will have though. She did try the one on the display and she reeeally liked it so I am excited for her to see it again and remember it. 

What did you buy your little ones for there 2nd birthdays?
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