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Friday, 30 June 2017

2 Year Update | Darcy

I say this in every single update post and you can probably guess what I am about to say is my baby two! :( It makes me feel very sad how quickly time is escaping away from me. However, I do feel very proud of the happy little girl she is growing in to. I expect you'd really think I'd be broody by now. But... I am not, ha. Far from it in fact. 
Darcy doodle turned two last week so I thought I would write her two year update and carry on the little tradition of it all. Her cheeky little personality is coming out more and more everyday and I just love the little monkey she is turning into even if she does test her boundaries a lot of the time!
She is saying lots of words now, too many to list and I think she is going to be a little chatterbox when she can properly talk. She is full pelt running around and I seriously don't know where she gets her energy from! I wish she would give me some of that stuff.
We have just began potty training and whilst I haven't gone full on in to it, I have bought a toddler toilet seat (she hates the potty, not sure why!) and just sat her on it every now and again and she has done a few wees on it so I'd say she is almost ready. I think in August when we are off for two weeks I will try and properly begin the potty training. I will write a post with an update about it all then.
She is just so excited about everything and it's lovely to see, just simple things like seeing the Grandparents, and just going out of the house basically, it's so sweet.
She really loves buses (she sings wheels on the bus every time she sees one) planes, yep this girl is crazy about planes. She also loves Swashbuckle and anything Piratey, so you could say she is a bit of a tomboy and I love it. I love the fact one day she wants to play with her dollies and the next day she will play with cars and trucks. I touched on this subject here. She is just so innocent and if she hurts herself she comes and asks me to kiss it better and then say 'all better'. It's so lovely and I will miss the day she asks me to no longer do it. She is definitely miss independent and insists on doing everything herself, but if she can't quite do something.. oh man she will kick up a fuss!
Darcy sleeps through the night roughly 7/7.30 all the way to 6.30/7, there will be the odd night where she wakes up briefly but nothing like those newborn days!
She is a little bit of a fussy eater but not with things like veggies.. ooooh no. She loves her veggies, it's funny textured things such as rice, mash potato, cous cous. I'd say there are more things that she doesn't like than there are that she does like.

Just a quick little update.. I am super proud of my little human.
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  1. she sounds adorable!! happy second birthday! Time is a mean little thing isnt it? if only we could pause everything xx

    1. Thank you, yes it has gone too fast. I so wish there was a pause button 😊

  2. My eldest was a swashbuckle fan when she was little too. She's 7 now! It really does go so quickly! Xx

    1. Aw bless her 😊 I know right too fast!!

  3. The photos with the bubbles are absolutely beautiful! xx

    1. Aw thank you. It pays having a partner who is also a photographer! ☺️

  4. Oh bless her little heart, that photo with the bubbles!! Willow is also a huge Swashbuckle fan xo


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