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Thursday, 27 July 2017

7 Ways Of Getting Rid Of The Dummy

So we have come across that tricky subject of when to take the dummy away, and this has been one of those little areas of parenting that I really have been dreading! Darcy is wellllllll, very, extremely, attached to her dummy and right now there really is no getting it off her. Whilst it is her comfort which makes me feel a bit mean, I know that she cannot have it forever.
I scoured the internet for all the hints, tips, tricks.. you name it for the 'best' way to take it away. I mean, there really is no 'best' way is there? Either way she is going to be really upset/ I thought I'd list below a few tips on things i'm going to do to get rid of this dreaded dummy in the hope I can at least help someone else in the same boat as me, and I'll let you know how I get on.

1. Firstly, get the dummy down for just naps and bedtime (stage one complete) we've done this for a few months now. I think this is a good way of just phasing it out to begin with and slightly easier than I thought too.

2. In the UK we have a place called Build A Bear workshop where you can make a bear add the fluff in and take it home. Cute idea right? Welllll what you have to do is take them there with dummy in tow and pop the dummy inside the bear, that way they feel involved... I really like this idea and think I'm going to go for this sort of approach.

3. Give it to Santa on Christmas eve in exchange for Christmas presents, this again is a good one as they're going to be distracted by it being Christmas, however do you want your sleepless night to be Christmas eve.

4. The Dummy Fairy. Tell them that the dummy fairy is coming to collect it and in the morning there will be a gift from her in exchange for it. This is a bit like the above one but obviously you can do this all year round and you don't have to wait until Christmas.

5. Going cold turkey. I mean I praise you if you are strong enough to go in this hard but man I can't imagine it be easy but it probably is the easiest way in the long term.

6. Hide all but one and say if you lose this one thats it, they're all gone. I mean, eventually you're going to lose that last one surely.

7. Read books about it, I think if you discuss that the dummy is going to be taken soon, they're going to expect it. Reading books about it helps, and I know there are a few on Amazon.

Please let me know if you have any other tips of how to get rid of the dummy!?

Thanks for reading.


  1. ah the dreaded dummy! all three of mine have had dummies, one still has one as shes only 15 months old but each time i worry about the taking it away, the older two put theirs in the bin without much fuss, we told them it was making them have a cough and they decided to get rid of it, i think either getting rid of it early on or waiting until they understand so you can talk to them

    either way... its a hard

  2. I can't imagine what it would be like to try and take the dummy away but they look like some good ideas. I love the Santa idea. My daughter is a thumb sucker instead so I'll have a different problem to solve at some point.

  3. We went cold turkey in January. Worst two weeks of my life, but it worked! X

  4. I wish my littlest had taken to a dummy because now she sucks her thumb and I have no idea how to stop her because I can't take her hand away! haha!

    1. My sister has this same problem with her little one, I'm sure it's something she will grow out of :)

  5. We're in two minds about them at the moment! Depends how much we want some silence haha xx

  6. Great tips - My little one is only 5 months and we are already thinking about ways to wean her before she's old enough to know whats going on..I've said I'm going to do it about 3-4 times now and every time I give in though. It's going to be tough! xx

  7. We use a dummy, but only for naps and bedtime. I'm not too fussed about it to be honest - I'm sure we'll post it to Santa at some point! xo

  8. Some good suggestions here - my little one would never take a dummy, which albeit was a little frustrating at them time when he wouldn't sleep without suckling on a bottle, I'm now happy we don't have to try and wean him off of one!


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