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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Current Wishlist: Toddler Wardrobe Edition

Recently I have been on a bit of a spending ban with myself in regards to Darcys wardrobe, I got to the point where I realised right Darcy has more than enough clothes, we need to save for the holiday so something had to take a backseat. It hasn't stopped me from looking though has it, ha.

So there is seven bits in total that I am currently loving and resisting temptation from placing an order from, all from either Zara, Gap or Next. You just can't go wrong with their clothes can you.

Top Left: This cute top from Zara with the slogan 'Girl's Power' I love it, super cute colour too.
They have three different slogans to choose from.

This Gorgeous mustard dress is from Next and would just be perfect for the Autumn, it has a lovely floral print and a Peter Pan colar

A ballerina top is always a winner for me, thats just the girlie side of me coming out, what a lovely print and I do love the sleeves too. This t-shirt is from Gap.

These jeans from Zara just for me have Autumn all over it. I love khaki colours and I cannot wait to get her in to more of these. I love that they have slogans ect on them too.

Ah, I love dressing Darcy in onesies, just because it reminds me of her being a baby. So so cute and I really love the print too. I need these, they're from Next

This grey playsuit and blouse set is just a dream, I can see Darcys chubby little legs in these. They're from Next and bit on the pricey side for £19 but I think she'd get so much wear out of this. Again, I love the collar, can you tell I like Peter Pan collars?

Last, but definitely not least.. infact I think theses are my favourite thing out of the whole wishlist..these beautiful shoes from Zara! Ah they're sooooo cute. I'm definitely buying these

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