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Friday, 22 September 2017

Potty Training Tips

So Darcy is potty trained, yay! I wasn't even going to start doing it yet but it seemed to just happen naturally. In May I bought her a training seat for the toilet as I could see she wasn't really too interested in her potty.  At first she wasn't too keen on that either but to be honest I could see why, it must be pretty daunting sitting on something with a massive hole which must give them the feeling they're going to fall in. A couple of weeks went on and she was getting more used to it, sitting on it but for no more than a couple of seconds but it was fine because this was progress. On Fathers Day in June, funnily enough she did her first wee wee, which we absolutely jumped for joy about. It didn't make me think though, right that's it now let's start potty training because I was a little anxious about this part. Over the Summer at home she was naked most of the time or at least from the bottom down and we just kept the training seat on the downstairs toilet. She was going on the toilet a lot, obviosuly was still having a lot of accidents but it really didn't matter. On the morning of the 31st August I decided to take her nappy off her and put on pants. We've had pants in the drawer for quite a few months now, and to make it exciting they were Peppa ones. On the first day of explaining to her that during the day she would now be wearing pants, she had a couple of accidents but was going on the toilet. On the second day she only had one accident and even did a poo which I rewarded with a little present. 

Two weeks on now and I would say Darcy is potty trained with wees! Poos are still a tricky subject but we are getting there. I am so so pleased and amazed with how quickly she has picked it up. Feeling very proud.

Here are my top tips:

Get a potty or training seat a few months before you plan to even start potty training. This helps them get used to it so it's not so scary straight away.

Look for the cues, are they interested in the toilet or potty, can they pull there trousers down? Chances are they are probably ready.

Take them shopping for pants, let them pick some with there favourite character on.

Buy some bribery items, (a reward chart, a toy for going on the toilet for a week or something)

Give them loads of praise, make sure they know that they have done such a good job.

In the early days when they will only sit on the toilet or potty for a matter of seconds, give them a book or something to look at, whatever works for you. Just to keep them on the toilet for a tiny bit longer.

Do you have any good tips?


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