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Friday, 6 October 2017

The Mummy Tag

Today I decided to do a tag which I've not been tagged to do as I am a little bit lame, who needs to be tagged anyway ;) I tag anyone who would like to do this.

1. Are you a stay-at-home mum, or a working mum?

I am for the most part a stay at home mum, however I work two days a week just to get those pennies in, I am lucky enough to have a partner who works full time which enables me to stay at home a lot and to be quite frank, childcare is too expensive.

2. Would you have it any other way?

Absolutely not, I love being able to stay at home and enjoy time with my little girl. I do like working two days a week though to get adult interaction, ha.

3. Do you co-sleep?

At one point we did as it was the only way Darcy would settle, however we don't any more. The bed is too small and she's gotten too big! No one was sleeping well.

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?

This is such a tough one to narrow down to just one thing, excluding all the essentials, maybe her soft octopus blankie, it settles her really well and she just loves him. 

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

No more than 2.

6. Date night? How many nights per month?

At least once a month to go out but you can have date nights at home too.

7. Your child’s favourite show?

Peppa Pig is always a winner with Horrid Henry & Ben & Holly a very close second.

8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?

Plenty of clothes & baby shoes.

9. Your child’s favourite food?


10. How many cars does your family have?


11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during, after and now?

I didn't put on too much weight whilst pregnant and I am now back to my normal size however my hips have definitely gotten wider.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?


13. Dream holiday without your kids?

Bali, Maldives, The Carribean, Mexico or Dubai. The list could go on to be honest but I'll stop there!

14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born?

It's a massive lifestyle change, but I love my life more now than I did before.

15. Finish the sentence: ‘It makes my heart melt to see …'

Darcy playing with her toys and talking to them.

16. Where do you shop for your kids?

Next, Zara, Marks & Spencer and Primark.

17. Favourite makeup and skincare products?

Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Liz Earle & MAC.

18. Huggies or Pampers?

Neither, I like the Aldi nappies.

19. Have you always wanted kids?

Yes, definitely.

20. Best part about being a mum?

Feeling so proud of everything they acheive, feeling completely responsible for a little person and the love they show you in return.

Thank you for reading, like I said above I tag anyone that wishes to also do this, would love to read yours.


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