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Monday, 23 October 2017

Things I Said I Wouldn't Do Before I Became A Parent.. But Did.

I suppose I could admit perhaps I was a bit judgmental before I became a mum. Just someone with too much of an opinion. Don't get me wrong, I didn't go round telling people my opinion obviously. But a lot of thoughts came to mind 'I don't know why you'd ever want to give your child a dummy, they look horrible' little did I know hey!

There were various other thoughts that came to mind too, like 'my child would never have chocolate'. 'I will be a super strict parent and my child would do no wrong'. Those are only just a few!

Luckily I was happy to see I am not the only one that said they wouldn't do certain things before they became parents but did, I asked some fellow bloggers what their thoughts were and I can totally relate to them!

I wouldn't stick them in front of Peppa Pig to get 5 minutes peace! - Jennifer

I wouldn't let them sleep in our bed - 6 months of sleepless nights changed thatNicola

 The list is long! Dummies, Screen Time, Sleeping in the Bed, Allowing him to have any sugar, Dressing him up just for photos... I've broken all my (silly) rules! - Christy

Give them a McDonald's when they were toddlers - Kerry

I wouldn't let them be fussy eaters...fine this is the last time you have pasta and cheese!  - Gareth

I said I’d never let them have a tablet/iPad... ooops! - Beth

I wouldn't let them get up and watch tv on their own in the morning. I would be always present and do craft instead. HA! - Louise

I said they'd never have a dummy. Within 2 days of being born my daughter had a dummy - Katie

I said I wanted to breastfeed, but after a terrible experience with my first I'm now glad I didn't with my second and third!  - Sarah

I said I would never let her win an argument as a toddler and bribe her with chocolate . This is now a daily occurrence -Jessica

I said that breastfeeding past 1 year was weird and I’d never have a child in my bed... here we are at over 2 years of breastfeeding (and we’ll continue until he weans at natural term), and we bedshare every night... wouldn’t have it any other way!!! -Emily

I would never bribe them to behave with the promise of a treat! Bah ha ha! - Victoria

 My kids were only ever going to have wooden, educational toys, nothing with batteries or flashing lights. - Robyn

 I said I'd never dress siblings in matching outfits...until I had two girls! I just can't resist! - Natalie

I swore my child would never own a character onesie. Now the proud owner of a 100% synthetic PJ masks onesie pick your battles I say  - Sinead

I love these, I do tell people who aren't parents now that make a comment, 'honestly do not say anything until you've had a child of your own. Parenting completely changes you doesn't it, haha.

Can you relate to any of these or do you have any different thoughts to the ones listed above? I'd love to hear them, I find it so funny.


  1. its always amazing what you think before being a parent and then after you are a parent

  2. I think I have said every single one of these and have done the complete opposite!

  3. Haha, I am the same for so many of these, peppa pig, the dummy etc - I also said I wanted to do cloth nappies and baby led weaning. Both never happened! :)

    Lyndsay xx

  4. I can relate to many of these. More so with my second. we co-sleep (as it's the only way we get any sleep), we babyled weaned as she wouldn't accept anything from a spoon and I didn't plan to day time breastfeed past 12 months but again she shows no signs of giving up her milk! Things like kids tv, sweets and macdonalds are also harder to delay second time round.

  5. haha I was the same with Peppa Pig, sleeping in our bed and now both things have become life savers for us!

    Lucie xx //

  6. Such an interesting read. Nothing can you prepare you for parenting by the looks of it. I have my own ideas of how I’d parent if I have children and I bet the reality will be quite different.

  7. This was entertaining to read haha. I've heard a lot of people say this stuff while they are pregnant, and then it completely changes! Will be interesting to see what it's like for me when it's my turn, haha!


  8. This is really interesting to read as a non-parent! I definitely have my own thoughts about things I won't do when I do have children but clearly I need to keep an open mind and expect to do all of them anyway!

    Eloise x

  9. This is really interesting. I don't have kids and it's not something I'm planning on either but I am secretly a little judgemental and have a few thoughts on what I would and wouldn't do. Guess I'll never find out how it would actually pan out! 😂


  10. I haven't had children yet but the list of things are quite amusing!

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